The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1346

Quavon’s face turned glum.

In terms of the number of shareholders, he was outnumbered.

In the past few days, Quavon had been running around, spending a lot of money to recover the shares of some small shareholders.

The other major shareholders remained unmoved. They did not look like they wanted a better offer either.

Quavon knew that things were not so simple.

The shareholders below raised their hands one after another.

The atmosphere in the room was heated up for a moment.

It was as if they could already envision getting a cut of Sloan Corporation.

How satisfying!

Quavon’s gaze was sunken and dark as he stared at Clayton. ’He’s here, but he didn’t make a move? What the hell is he trying to do?’

Finally, just as the Vice President was about to make a final decision, Quavon finally could not hold back. He looked at Clayton and opened his mouth.

”Wait a minute! Everyone, you should know that I have a son, and he’s…”

Before Clayton’s name was called out, Clayton’s face suddenly sank and turned cold.

Clayton was not willing to be labeled as an illegitimate son on this kind of occasion.

As usual, Quavon was annoying and only cared for his own selfish interests.

Coincidentally, the Vice President interrupted Quavon from the side.

“Chairman Sloan, what’s the use of talking about this now? I s there not enough scandals for the Sloan family?”

He was sitting up there, and his voice clearly passed through the microphone and reached everyone’s ears.

The conference hall was instantly silent.

Quavon looked at the Vice President at the side with a glum face.

The Vice President sighed and spoke in a serious tone.

“I think it’s impossible to hide now. For so many years, you’ve worked hard to support President Isaac Sloan to reach this position, giving him power and money so that he could gain more experience, but has he ever really done the right thing? Since he took over Sloan Corporation, his talent was bragged about. In fact, after he took over, the company’s profits have always been in the negative. Do you still want to turn a blind eye to it?”

The people below sighed.

If Clayton could come forward, Sloan Corporation could still be saved.

However, Quavon seemed to realize that the Vice President’s next words were definitely not to introduce Clayton.

“You know very well in your heart why you’re doing this. Isn’t it because Isaac is your son?”

This question was like throwing a boulder on the calm and still water.

It caused layers of ripples.

The scene instantly turned awkward.

“What? Isaac is Chairman Sloan’s son, not brother?” “What is his relationship with the late Mrs. Sloan?”

“The late Mrs. Sloan was Chairman Sloan‘s stepmother. I heard that she passed away at a young age…”

“Wow, the Sloan family even has such an unethical scandal!”

“No wonder when Chairman Sloan’s son died, he didn’t look sad at all at the funeral. At that time, I thought that Clayton, his illegitimate son, won his favor. It turns out that the one he favors is his other illegitimate son, Isaac!”

“How could this kind of person train a good successor? The Sloan Corporation in Isaac’s hands has long been squandered away…”

“So, it seems that bankruptcy is just a matter of time? I think we’ll lower our offer by another 10%…

Quavon’s breathing became more rapid. His chest was heaving violently.

He never dreamed that the secret that had been concealed for years would be announced in such a way.

Although there were no media present, the people who attended the meeting were elites in the business world. Their words could set off huge waves in the industry.

This way, the Sloan family would really become a joke. Quavon’s eyes widened as he looked in Clayton’s direction.

Among the people present, only Clayton and Nicole beside him knew about this.

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