The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1361

Clayton let out a low laugh. “It‘s morning in Liberty, so I’m Nicole slapped her head. She was so sleepy that she had forgotten about the time difference.

“After sleeping for so long, you should be hungry, right? Go eat something.”

Clayton patiently coaxed her. Nicole pursed her lips and felt a sense of dependence in her heart.

“When will you be done with things over there?”

Clayton helplessly.

“You’re one to talk! Didn’t you throw this mess to me?”

Nicole muttered, “Hmm, then it’s too late for me to regret it now…”

Clayton laughed. “Now you know.”

Nicole really regretted it. She should not have let Clayton handle this personally. It would be just as fine to get someone to go over.

How was Sloan Corporation worth Clayton’s efforts?

The two of them talked for a while. Tigger used two paws to pull open her door and jumped next to her hand. It hiked up its tail and twirled around.

Nicole hung up the phone after saying a few words, then picked Tigger up and went downstairs.

“Is Dad asleep?”

Tigger shook its head. “He’s downstairs waiting for you to eat dinner!”

As soon as Nicole heard that, she quickened her pace. Once she got downstairs, she saw both Floyd and Grant.

The two serious people sitting together made the atmosphere feel more serious.

Nicole put Tigger down and walked over. “It’s such a feast! I need to eat less at night!”

Nicole was really hungry, but she felt like her figure was more important.

Floyd rolled his eyes at her.

“We’re not on a diet and need to eat. Grant and I have been waiting for you all night, yet you only wake up now?”

Nicole stuck out her tongue, indicating that she was helpless.

“Well, you guys can wake me up!”

Grant gave her a look. “Do you think that we didn’t?” Nicole’s smile faded.

They called her, but she didn’t wake up?

Mr. Anderson watched her come downstairs and gladly told her to eat.

Nicole really could not resist the temptation of the food and unconsciously ate.

Floyd suddenly spoke.

“What happened to Sloan Corporation in the end? D id you give Clayton the company?”

Every step she took there was within their plan, so they knew everything about what happened in Liberty.

Nicole pursed her lips. “Well, we don’t have the extra energy and manpower to deal with Sloan Corporation.

Their roots are very deep, especially the tens of thousands of employees inside. If we forcefully acquire it, we’ll have to fork out too much money and time. It’s not worth it.”

Floyd nodded.

“That’s right. We shouldn’t put in all that effort for nothing.”

Grant gave her a look. “How did they deal with Quavon? Are there any of his people who are useful?”

They were most concerned about Quavon. After all, Quavon’s target was Nicole.

Nicole took a sip of red wine and spoke calmly.

“Clayton said he’d take care of it, so I don’t have to worry.”

Floyd snorted with dissatisfaction. “He’ll handle it? That’s his father. How will he hand ie it? He won’t fool you, right?”

Nicole said, “No, it’s too easy for us to check. He won’t deliberately hide this from me and will give me a satisfactory explanation.”

“You trust him that much?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Of course, he’s my boyfriend !”

Floyd and Grant looked at each other, then speechlessly bowed their heads to eat.

Nicole curled her lips. It was finally quiet.

When they were nearly done eating, Floyd could not help but speak.

“Since you gave Sloan Corporation to Clayton, there’s no need to take it back. You’re both in a relationship anyway, so you have to be generous. Don’t be too petty!”

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