The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1391

However, Julie was a little embarrassed.

“Nicole, if your third brother heard you praise him so much, he won’t hesitate to sneak out after rehearsals to buy you a gift…”

Nicole was speechless.

Would Kai hesitate otherwise?

Yvette came over from the side while eating snacks.

“Kai’s qualities at that time goes without saying. At that time, fans weren’t that abnormal. They would just like a person they like. They won’t deny the celebrity’s career achievements just because of their private life. Unlike now…”

Nathaniel fell into silence.

He was born in the wrong era.

Clayton finished preparing and called everyone over. “Let’s eat…”

He prepared a dual-sided hotpot — clear soup and spicy soup.

They were never perfunctory when it came to food.

Nathaniel did not need to appear in front of the camera anymore, so he did not need to deliberately watch his diet.

He let go and ate boldly.

Clayton brought the cooked beef in front of Nicole, who frowned slightly.

Nicole was clearly not very satisfied.

Clayton patted her arm and said in a warm voice,“ It’s Wagyu beef slices shipped from Japan in the afternoon. It’s very delicious even if it’s not a steak. Take a bite?”

He was almost coaxing her.

Except for Nathaniel, the other three people could not help but lift their heads that had been concentrating on eating.

Nicole could eat fruit and vegetables, but she did not like beef slices.

They all knew that.

In the end, Nicole was conflicted for a long time before picking up the small piece of meat under Clayton’s gaze and gently bit into it.

It was as if she was ready to spit it out.

They waited for three seconds. Nicole swallowed it.

Her expression w as very neutral. “Not bad. It melts in the mouth and isn’t greasy.”

Clayton nodded with a smile, seemingly anticipating her reaction like the back of his hand.

“Eat more if you like it.”

He picked another slice for her.

Noticing the sight of the people across the table, Clayton very courteously cared for his guests.

“Don’t hold back. Feel free to eat as much as you’d like…”

They did not want to hold back, but this wave of PDA suddenly made them feel stuffed.

Only Nathaniel was immersed in the deliciousness of the Wagyu beef.

Nicole did not eat too much either. She took a few bites before stopping.

Clayton very thoughtfully gave her some green vegetables cooked in clear soup.

Although this meal was not that amorous, the other four chatted incessantly and threw the topic to them from time to time, catching Clayton off guard.

After Clayton saw that Nicole was almost done eating, he finally started to eat.

Chateau d’Yquem and hotpot were simply a perfect match!

Ian did not have the consciousness of using things sparingly and downed the whole bottle. His face was red as he tugged at Clayton incessantly.

“You have to come tomorrow and celebrate my grandfather’s birthday…”

Clayton said, “Okay, okay.”

Everyone was almost done drinking and eating.

Nicole looked at the four people’s casual appearance and knew that they had no intention of going back now that they were here.

Clayton was also extremely helpless. If he had known, he would not have brought the wine out.

How were they supposed to leave after drinking? The wine was a mistake!

There were three rounds of drinks. It was already 11:00 pm.

The night outside was silent with a slightly cold air.

Clayton did not intend to clean up the mess. He would call someone to clean it up tomorrow.

He rubbed his temples in a headache and looked at Ian, who was hanging on his body indifferently.

When did Ian and he become so close? “Why is he so chatty after drinking?” Clayton asked Nicole.

Nicole was speechless. “It’s an old habit of his. Ignore him.”

Looking at these four freeloaders, Nicole finally felt that it was better to avoid eating at home in the future.

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