The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1401

At that time, this matter caused quite a commotion around.

However, Claire used her relationship with the Carter family as well as her own methods to forcefully suppress this matter.

Before long, Rley went abroad, and the girl’s family was given considerable compensation. The matter ended.

The circle had always disliked Rley.

The disdain in Nicole’s eyes was undisguised.

“Does he think the matter has passed? He still has the nerve to come back?”

The corner of Julie’s lips curled in mockery.

“He didn’t come back with his tail between his legs. I heard he came back with a girlfriend who has connections with an arms dealer. To the Carter family, it’s an excellent help. Claire has been living off her older sister. It’s not easy to live while watching the moods of other people. Now that they finally have the opportunity to straighten their backs, how could they not make a grand entrance?”

Nicole frowned. “An arms dealer?”

It was no wonder Claire dared to let Rley come back. With this connection, no matter where they went, they would be extremely sought-after.

However, the general public simply would not be able to enter this line of strict barriers. Those who were inside either had connections with the authorities or foreign forces.

Even though Stanton Corporation was a large enterprise and Grant was also involved in the underworld before, he pulled out in time before going in too deep. The waters there were too deep, and it was easy to drown.

A large corporation like them who had thousands of employees under their hands would not participate in those kinds of deals.

It was not because of safety, but because even though this kind of business was lucrative, it was not a long-term solution.

The assets and fame of Stanton Corporation could be passed on in an honorable manner.

That was because their trade involved industries that were clean and simple.

They never touched firearms.

Julie took two glasses of wine from the side and passed one to Nicole.

“Yup. If the Carter family is really linked to this connection, the Stantons and Fergusons would have to give way to them in the future…”

Although the Carter family was slowly declining recently, they were still able to maintain their position behind the Stanton family.

As long as Ian did not deliberately make a mess, there would not be any major changes.

Nicole suddenly smiled and shook her head. “That’s impossible.”

Julie asked, “What’s impossible?”

“The Carter family won’t welcome this special guest.”

Nicole spoke indifferently.

Julie did not understand and frowned slightly.“

Nicole looked at her. “Have you forgotten how Ian’s older brother Hendrick died? Old Master Carter is still around. How would he let his grandson be in danger again?”

In an instant, the atmosphere became cold and sullen.

Julie’s face changed slightly. How did Hendrick die?

They went abroad as peacekeeping troops, but in the midst of a fierce battle, they were killed by a group of people from unknown sources who shot indiscriminately.

When the gunshot wound was found to be from the group of foreign arms dealers.

The Carter family lost a child for this reason. How would they allow Ian to have any contact with them too?

Both of them did not speak.

They suddenly heard sounds coming from the door.

Claire pulled Mrs. Carter out, smiling brightly.

“Rley is back. You haven’t seen him for a long time either. He misses his aunt every day!”

Mrs. Carter put on a fake smile and lowered her voice.

“Why did he come back? It’s better to find a job abroad! ”

“Don’t you want to meet his girlfriend?” Rley smiled and went over.

She looked at Riley, who was wearing a pink suit and smiling as he walked in. His hair was slicked back, his face was greasy, and his facial features were sunken.

Although he was tall, he was extremely thin.

It looked like a gust of wind would blow him away.

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