The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1403

Mrs. Carter’s attitude towards Ann was not very warm.

She only nodded politely before turning and leaving. Rley quickly pulled her.

“Auntie, I’ll go to Grandpa and pay my respects to him and tell him this piece of good news too!”

Mrs. Carter was put on the spot and hesitated. To the side, Claire pulled her sister’s arm.

“It’s a great opportunity. Let Rley meet the Old Master and mention joining the company. In the future, he can stay in the company and help Ian!”

Mrs. Carter was clearly awkward. “Forget it. I’ve never talked to the Old Master about stuff like that. Let’s talk about this later.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you saying that you don’t want Riley to join the company? He learned a lot while he was abroad and can help Ian. I f family don’t help each other, others will think of us as a joke.”

Mrs. Carter rubbed her temples, not knowing how to refuse her sister.

It was fine if it was just helping out normally. She agreed because she pitied Claire. However, Claire pushed her luck time and time again, making Mrs. Carter feel more and more helpless.

Before she could speak, a casual voice spoke up from the side and laughed.

“Aunt Claire, I also stayed abroad before. What’s the big deal about that? He can keep the things he learned to himself. I don’t need any help in the company. Thanks for the concern!”

Ian walked over with a smile and held Mrs. Carter.

“Grandpa has been looking all over for you. Why don’t you go over to take a look?”

Mrs. Carter breathed a sigh of relief. She finally found a chance.

“Alright. The Old Master is old now and his temper is getting more peculiar. I’ll take my leave then.”

Mrs. Carter smiled and walked away.

Claire was unhappy for an instant, feeling that her sister was too disrespectful to them in front of everyone.

However, since there were others around, she could not reveal it in her expression.

Claire held Ann ‘s hand affectionately, full of praise for her.

Ian glanced at Ann, snorted disdainfully, and turned to leave.

Riley was dissatisfied with Ian’s frivolous attitude and went over to stop him.

“What’s that attitude? Ann never offended you. How could you be this rude?”

Ann looked at Ian quietly and did not speak. However, there was a vague hint of hostility on her stiff face.

Ian smirked casually.

“That’s just how I am. If you like it, then stay. If you don’t want to see it, then leave.”

Rley raised his fists in anger. “You…”

Claire saw that the situation was not good and hurriedly went up to stop her son.

“Enough, don’t fight with your cousin. His temper is like that, so you have to take a step back!”

Then, Claire looked at Ian.

“Your cousin just came back from abroad. Don’t let outsiders look at us like we’re a joke.”

Ian smiled disdainfully and left.

No one knew if he was laughing at Riley, Claire, or both.


Who were outsiders?

Here, everyone who did not have the last name Carter was an outsider. However, Claire never thought of herself as an outsider.

After the show ended, Nicole was no longer interested in continuing.

Julie looked at her phone and pulled Nicole out. “Yvette is here…”

Nicole raised her brows. Yvette went against her mother’s orders and came here with Sean. It was a very brave decision.

Sure enough, the moment Yvette arrived at the entrance with Sean, many people looked over.

Compared with that unfamiliar Ann whose origins they did not know whether was real or fake, they were more familiar with Ms. Yvette Quimbey.

That young lady was rebellious to the core and gave up on a big backer like Lance Sheldon to pick Sean Moore, a man who had been married before. Surprisingly, the rumors became true.

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