The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1433

Although Yvette was exposed for faking her cooking skills, she did not feel any guilt at all since she spent money to treat her guests to food.

Nicole and Clayton finished their meal, and Yvette was almost done drinking.

Yvette was slightly tipsy, and her face was slightly red.

Clayton packed up the items and called the private restaurant for them to come and pick up the cutlery. Then, he saw Yvette holding the pile of snacks and beginning to eat.

Nicole gave Clayton a look, and Clayton nodded regretfully before leaving upstairs.

Nicole would probably not be able to come out tonight.

She took a warm wet towel for Yvette and wiped her face.

“Last night, he didn’t make a single phone call. But today, he made a hundred calls. Don’t you think he’s a scumbag? He even waited for my anger to subside before calling me to apologize.”

Yvette laughed coldly.

Nicole pursed her lips and poured a cup of honey water for Yvette.

“ I think that since you made up your mind, don’t hesitate anymore. In any case, you’ve already chosen your final goal. This whole thing will soon pass.”

Yvette said,“ I’m just not reconciled. The thoughts and energy I spent on him cost almost half my life, but he’s still using those old tactics and waiting for me to take the bait? How could he? How could he look down on me this much just because I like him? If he had chased after me that night, if he had contacted me to apologize, even if I hated him, I wouldn’t have been so disheartened. But his silence made me feel like a joke.”

Nicole sighed. Yvette had really exhausted herself in this relationship.

Wanting to get out of it might be even more exhausting.

“Yvette, you shouldn’t be that kind of person. Although it seems like Sean likes you, what’s the value of this love? It’s all relative. If you don’t compare, it’ll feel like he only likes you. However, once there’s someone else in the picture, this love will become cheap. He doesn’t even make the rankings among the people who are pursuing you.”

Hearing Nicole’s words, Yvette slowly raised her head. Her eyes were red.

The two of them looked at each other without speaking.

Maybe Yvette knew all this very well, but she just pretended to be oblivious.

Now that Nicole voiced it out, Yvette had to be clear about it.

The next day.

The sun hung high in the sky, and the breeze swayed the leaves, casting broken shadows on the ground.

Nicole had just entered the office when she heard the receptionist say, “Sir, you can’t go in…”

Nicole subconsciously turned around and saw the man who followed her. It was Sean.

His eyes were gloomy as he stared at Nicole. The corners of his eyes were faintly red.

The receptionist said, “Ms. Stanton, this gentleman doesn’t have an appointment but has been waiting for you here. I told him to go out, but he refused to…”

Nicole smiled. “I know who he is. What brings you here, Mr. Moore?”

She knew very well, but she did not expect Sean to come looking for Yvette here.

Sean pursed his lips. His face was tense, glum, and tired.

He opened his mouth and spoke in a hoarse voice. He stared intently at Nicole’s face, not wanting to miss any expression on her face.

“She’s with you, isn’t she?”

His voice sounded like it had been ground by sandpaper.

Nicole was slightly surprised. “Who? Yvette? Why would she be at my place?”

Sean said, “There’s no one in any of her residences, and she hasn’t gone to the office for a few days. She has no other place to go. Except you and Ms. Nixon, no one has the ability to hide her. I followed Ms.

Nixon for a day. She stayed on the set all day and didn’t go home. So, you’re the only one left. Ms.

Stanton, I need to talk to her properly.”

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