The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1436

Michael put his other arm around Nicole, flung himself into her arms, and nodded.

“It hurts… It really hurts!”

Nicole touched his little face, genuinely heartbroken.

“It’s okay. I’ll take you back and fix it. It’ll get well soon.”

Michael nodded solemnly and sniffled. He obediently let the doctor put the plaster on it.

The teacher stood by the side and sighed in relief when everything was done.

“Ms. Stanton, it won’t be convenient for Lil Michael to go to school in this condition. Why not let him rest at home for a while before coming back to school?”

Nicole had the same thoughts and touched his head.


The teacher smiled and was just about to say something when Lil Michael turned his head to look at Nicole.

“Where’s Daddy?”

“Your daddy went abroad for a meeting. He just left today and is still on the plane.”

After she finished, she was afraid that he would think too much and hurriedly explained, “Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to your daddy. He won’t blame you. It’s not that he doesn’t want to see you either. His phone is turned off, so we have no way to contact him.”

Lil Michael pursed his lips. His expression was a little upset.

“I didn’t fall on my own. Someone pushed me from behind on purpose. Teacher, didn’t you all see it?”

With those words, the atmosphere in the room fell silent.

The doctor did not want to get involved in this matter and went to fetch the medicine after treating Michael.

Nicole’s gaze was slightly cold as she looked at the teacher.

“Is that the case?”

The teacher’s face was instantly a bit flustered and helpless.

“It’s not like that. There’ll inevitably be bumps and bruises when everyone is playing soccer. It’s normal to fall on the field. I didn’t really notice at that time whether it was intentional or not. As soon as I saw Michael fall, I immediately ran over and brought him to the hospital…”

There did not seem to be any loopholes to what she said.

Even if the teacher stood there, she could not have been staring at one single person, so it could not be considered negligence.

Nicole’s frown smoothed out, and she was just about to explain to Lil Michael that the teacher didn’t do it on purpose, but he raised his clean and clear eyes and looked at the teacher.

“You saw it! All the students around saw it too. You can just ask the other students. Max clearly pushed me on purpose. You’re just being biased because Max is your nephew.”

The teacher’s face turned red for an instant. She became even more flustered when she looked at Nicole.

She glanced at Lil Michael and hesitated. “How could that be?”

Nicole paused and spoke in a calm tone. “But why did Max push you? Did you have a disagreement?”

Lil Michael nodded. “Max is three years older than me and always bullied me for being younger. He asked for my answers during the exam, but when I didn’t tell him, he threatened me and told me to wait. I think this is his revenge!”

Lil Michael spoke very methodically and clearly about the matter.

The teacher’s face turned pale.

Nicole raised her eyes to look at the teacher without much warmth left in them.

“You can go back first. I’ll contact the principal about this matter.”

There was no need to dispute this with a teacher.

Nicole also felt that this might not be a simple little bump.

The teacher was instantly flustered.

“Ms. Stanton, I…”

Nicole did not want to say anything more. She picked up Lil Michael’s clothes and walked out.

Lil Michael followed and gave the teacher a look. The teacher hurriedly chased after them.

“Ms. Stanton, don’t go to the principal. I know I was wrong now. If you go to the principal, I won’t be able to keep my job.”

Her panicked look was indeed unbearable.

Nicole knew how much ordinary people valued their jobs, but the prerequisite was that they needed to have a respectful heart for the job.

It was somewhat unreasonable if they were just waiting to make money.

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