The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1443

Clayton gave Angie a deep look, lifted his feet, and left.

Angie froze for a moment. Her face was slightly glum.

Clayton was not a simple man. At least, he was much more complex than she had anticipated.

Not many people knew of her name, Angie.

It had only been a day, but Clayton had already found out.

“Mr. Sloan, I just want you and Ms. Stanton to make your relationship public as soon as possible. The sooner the world knows that you’re together, the better!”

Clayton paused when he heard Angie’s words.

“Only then will you catch Eric off guard. That’s the only way that Eric will be more scrupulous.”

Angie was a little anxious because she could not give up this opportunity.

Clayton would be her biggest help.

Clayton turned his head. His gaze was dark and deep as he looked at her. His thin lips parted slightly.

“ If you want Mr. Ferguson to be with you, I have a better way…”

Nicole and Lil Michael stood in the living room, looking at the two suitcases. The two of them looked at each other quizzically.

They did not understand what was going on.

Just now, they originally thought that Clayton had arrived and happily went to open the door, but it turned out to be one of his assistants.

After delivering Clayton ‘ s suitcase, the assistant refused to say anything and left.

It made Nicole a little puzzled.

Clayton did not come back, but his suitcase had already arrived.

Something was not right. They should have gotten off the plane together. Did Clayton go to the office first?

As far as she knew, there was nothing urgent to deal with recently.

Yvette poked her head out of the kitchen and asked impatiently, “Can we start cooking yet? I’ve heated the pan several times. If I heat it up again, the bottom of the pan will get burnt!”

Nicole originally wanted to cook by herself, but since Yvette’s self-esteem was greatly damaged after what happened last time, Yvette was determined to gain back her reputation.

Thus, Yvette volunteered to cook to welcome Clayton and Lil Michael.

Lil Michael looked back and blinked. “Auntie Yvette, wait a little longer!”

Nicole looked at the time. “I’ll give him a call!”

Just as Nicole picked up the phone, she suddenly heard the sound of the digital lock from the door.

When she looked up, the man stood in the doorway, looking fresh and clean. He was tall, handsome, and warm.

There were still droplets of water on his hair. Nicole froze.

Lil Michael pounced on Clayton. “Daddy! ”

Clayton carried him with both hands and stroked his head.

“Are you that excited to see Daddy? You know that you’ve caused trouble, huh?”

Lil Michael would not usually behave like a pampered child because of his innate arrogance.

The boy fiddled with both his index fingers and lowered his head sheepishly.

“Why did you come back so soon?”

Clayton sneered and thought, ‘He really is a kid who can’t hide his inner thoughts. Is he that disappointed?’

Clayton let go of his son and put him on the ground, then he opened his arms to go over and hug Nicole, who was standing there and smiling at him.

The warmth and softness in his arms finally settled his apprehensive mood all day.

It turned out that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

“ Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I just got off the flight and went upstairs to take a shower and get changed.”

‘So, that’s why…’ Nicole smiled. She did not doubt this because she knew that Clayton was a germaphobe and that he had always been meticulous in every aspect of life.

Clayton never liked to appear in front of others looking like a mess. No matter what time it was, he would always look neat and clean.

Nicole patted Clayton on the back, signaling that there were other people in the house.

“Yvette’s getting ready to cook. If you had shown up earlier, you would’ve been able to eat by now.”

Only then did Clayton turn his gaze to Yvette, who was standing in the doorway looking at him inquisitively.

His smile was subtle and warm. “My apologies, Ms. Quimbey.”

Yvette snorted, lifted the spatula in her hand, and smiled.

“Usually, people who take a shower as soon as they come back either had an affair or want to get rid of some evidence. Mr. Sloan, you wouldn’t happen to be like that, would you?”

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