The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1465

Just when everyone was at a standstill, another person came out from the room where Eric came out from in the next second.

It was a woman.

A woman who looked like Nicole.

Her eyes looked a little lazy from a hangover. This woman that came out of Eric’s room gave off an unspeakably ambiguous atmosphere.

These reporters suddenly understood this mysterious person’s big reveal.

Was there anything more exciting than this scene? Eric Ferguson has another new love!

Was it true love, or a substitute?

This discussion would definitely set off huge waves on the internet!

The woman leaned against the door and was not surprised by the scene in front of her. She looked very satisfied.

She looked at Eric and said in an intimate tone,“ Eric, why are you so fierce? They’re just doing their job…”

Angie looked at the damaged equipment on the ground and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the damaged items.”

Everyone looked at her in shock. They were shocked by her appearance, but upon closer look, her features were not too similar to Nicole’s. It was just the first glance that gave off an illusion of similarity.

This was probably the make-up technique that was commonly used by understudies in film and television shoots.

However, no one thought in that direction.

After the silence, Angie flipped her hair and walked over to hold Eric’s arm.

“It’s getting late. Shall we go?”

Angie looked at Eric with a smile. The reporters naturally would not let go of this intimate image.

However, the aura of these two people looked a little off.

The fact that they came out of the same room was enough to show the unusual relationship between them.

Eric’s attitude was cold and indifferent. They were like fire and water. Even if their actions were intimate, they did not feel like a couple.

The next second, Angie took his arm, but Eric violently shook off her hand.

Eric looked extremely disgusted like he had touched garbage.

After that, Eric left with big strides. His eyes were trained straight ahead.

Angie smiled and followed him.

In less than five minutes, this news became the number one trending topic.

“Eric Ferguson’s new love: is it true love or a substitute?”

This title was magnified, and countless past events about Eric and Nicole were dug up.

Everyone looked back and recalled that it had been less than two years since their divorce.

The impression that Eric left on the public in these two years was the harm he did to Nicole, his determination to dominate in the business world, and the prosperity of Ferguson Corporation.

They also lamented on how Eric tried to get Nicole back but failed miserably.

Now, another woman became the topic of discussion.

Nicole was naturally caught up in it.

Everyone was desperately trying to dig up Angie’ s background. After all, if Eric liked her even as a stand-in, it was worth it.

[She’s just a substitute, right? What a pity! Poor Mr. Ferguson. I fully support Nicole and Clayton!] [Reply to the above: Are you human?] [From a certain angle, she looks like Goddess Nicole, but upon closer look, her features are completely different. It’s probably her makeup. This woman is really good at catering to Eric Ferguson’s liking.]
[She looks more like a fake. She’s not pretty at all. Leave our Nicole alone so that she can be her perfect self!] [I’ve always shipped Nicole and Eric, but it looks like they both have their new love. By the way, who is this woman?] [What’s this substitute’s background?] [The whole world found out after a one-night stand. Poor Mr. Ferguson! Is he caught in a badger game?]

The online public opinion was abuzz. Everyone was probing Angie’s background.

Some said that she was an ordinary woman, while others said that she was a high-society lady in the circle.

However, no one came out to verify Angie’s identity.

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