The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1481

Nicole waited outside for a long time, but she did not get impatient.

She knew that it would take time for Yvette to end things with Sean. It was just a little too sudden for Sean.

Yvette probably got tired of it long ago.

Seeing Yvette come out, Nicole wound down the car window and waved her hand.

Yvette walked straight over and got in.

The moment she did, she let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, no one chased after her.

Yvette was really afraid of clingy relationships.

Just as she was about to speak, Yvette suddenly saw that the driver in front looked somewhat familiar. Her eyes immediately widened in surprise.

“Mr. Sloan? How did Nicole make you her driver?”

Clayton, who was in front, smiled. “It’s my pleasure.”

Then, he started the car.

Nicole sat next to Yvette and looked over. Fortunately, Yvette did not cry, and her expression did not change.

It seemed like Yvette had really gotten over Sean. “Did you make things clear with Sean?”

Yvette took out her phone from her bag. “Mhmm, I’ve said everything I have to say.”

Clayton cleared his throat. His voice was clear and deep.

“ I haven’t congratulated you yet, Ms. Quimbey. I wish you a happy marriage.”

Yvette raised her brows and glanced at Nicole beside her.

“You told him so soon?”

Nicole pursed her lips in a smile. “He won’t blabber off to anyone.”

Yvette chuckled and looked at Clayton in front.

“Don’t just say that. Mr. Sloan, you’re not married to Nicole yet, so you’ll both have to give me separate gift s!”

Clayton laughed. “Of course.”

Nicole looked at her speechlessly. “Ms. Quimbey, you really don’t spare anyone!”

However, listening to Yvette’s tone, Nicole figured that Yvette was genuinely not against this marriage.

That was good.

Yvette looked at her phone. Lance sent a few messages to her, but she did not have the time to reply.

[Have you eaten? Should I go pick you up?] [Do you want to put your luggage in a separate room? Which room do you want as your dressing room?] [Are you ignoring me? Or are you not done yet?]

The corners of Yvette’ s lips curved up as she read the messages and replied to Lance.

[I just got out. Choose whichever room for the dressing room. I have a dinner date with my friends.

Yvette replied very late, so logically, the other party should have been slightly angry.

However, Lance did not throw a tantrum at all and immediately sent her some money.

[I wanted to invite you to dinner, but I had to go on a last-minute business trip. Treat your friends on my behalf.]

Yvette unceremoniously clicked on it and accepted the money with peace of mind.

After all, they were married, so she could spend his money.

When they arrived at the club, it was already dark.

The lights on the treetops swayed. Clayton went to park the car while Nicole and Yvette got off and went inside.

Julie and Ian were already in the private room. Ian was singing a song hysterically with his hoarse voice to the point where no one could understand what he was saying.

Julie expressionlessly poured herself a glass of wine to endure it.

When the two people pushed the door in, Julie did not hesitate to turn off the music.

“God, you guys are finally here! I think I’d probably kill someone if you arrived a second later!”

Ian glared at her furiously.

“Julie, why does it sound like you’re dissing me?” Julie said, “You could tell?”

Nicole laughed and looked around. “Stop arguing, or Ms. Quimbey will get angry!”

Ian glanced at Yvette.

“Isn’t she angry all the time?”

Yvette walked in and waited for everyone to take a seat on the sofa while she sat across the table.

“I have a big announcement to make!”

Ian sat in the middle with a helpless look on his face.

“ I get it. Which young hunk do you have your eye on this time? Do you want us to help ask for his contact information?”

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