The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1491

Lance did not touch Yvette when she was drunk. That was the most basic trait that he had as a gentleman.

Especially since Yvette was his wife that he recently married, he wanted to leave a good impression on her.

However, now that Yvette was sober, there was no reason for him to let go of the new Mrs. Sheldon.

Yvette had never seen Lance lose control like he did at this moment.

Lance wanted to continue even after they did it once, but his phone kept ringing as if it would never

stop. He suddenly felt so conflicted and irritated by it.

Yvette was also very annoyed. It was enough to do it once. She did not want to continue.

However, Lance’s appetite only seemed to grow. He became greedy, so she had to work hard to keep up with him.

She pushed him away. Her voice was hoarse and dry. She no longer had the energy she used to tease him earlier.

“Go answer the phone.”

Lance’s hand was still holding her waist. The feeling of her body in his hand was so good that he could not bear to let go.

However, he knew that they could no longer continue.

He climbed off her with an ashen face and picked up the phone. His attitude was extremely cold with aloof indifference.


Lance hung up the phone, looked back, and saw Yvette lying on the bed sleeping with her eyes closed. Her cheeks were ruddy, and the quilt covering below her shoulder concealed the erotic sight.

The sunlight enveloped her shoulders, and her fair and delicate skin looked translucent and lustrous, like a piece of beautiful jade, pure, white, and flawless.

When he tasted her, it was the first time he lost control over a woman’s body. It completely hooked out the inferiority he felt as a man. He finally understood that he was just like any common man.

His heart struggled for a long time before he slowly walked over and sat on his knees next to her. He stroked the hair beside her ear and tucked it behind her ear.

Then, he dropped a kiss behind her ear and spoke in a low voice.

“Yvette, the trip that was planned yesterday can’t be delayed any longer. I have to leave and won’t be back until three days later.”

Yvette was so tired that she could not even lift her arms. When she heard his words, she just wanted him to hurry up and leave.

She did not answer. Lance took a deep breath. He also knew that it was not very polite to leave like this after they had just slept together.

However, that project was very important, and the itinerary had been planned half a month in advance. If he did not go, there would be huge losses for the Sheldon family.

After thinking about it, he lowered his head and kissed her again as he restrained himself. He got up and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When he was ready to leave, Yvette still did not open her eyes, looking like she could sleep until the end of the time.

He stood helplessly beside her and looked at her. After pulling the covers up for her, he turned around and left in satisfaction.

The moment he left.

Yvette, who was still quite tired, suddenly lost her sleepiness.

After a short rest, she got up. She suddenly felt that her marriage with Lance did not seem that bad.

Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

Unable to resist, Yvette sent a message to Nicole. [I slept with him.]

Nicole replied. [Congratulations!] Yvette’s eyes lit up because of that word. Congratulations.

Congratulations on her marriage. Congratulations on finding a good man.

Although Lance left at this time, Yvette did not feel uncomfortable at all.

She dawdled until it was almost noon when she suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

Who would come at this time?

Yvette went over to open the door. It was a man she had not seen much before, dressed in a refined and scholarly suit.

“Hello, Ms. Quimbey. I’m Mr. Sheldon‘s assistant, Hans. These are the clothes Mr. Sheldon asked me to prepare for you.”

He handed over what he was holding. Yvette took them and looked at them. It was all brand new, and the clothes were also her size.

How thoughtful.

Yvette smiled. “Thank you.”

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