The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1504

Hans did not expect the surprise to come so quickly.

Although he was considered a senior executive in the company, he was different from the senior executives who sounded good on the surface. The core of his authority lay in what Lance gave and was not something he should have had.

Hans joining the project department meant that Lance was giving the project to him. He would have a spot among board members and would no longer be just an assistant in everyone’s eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Sheldon. I’ll definitely live up to your expectations and work diligently in my new position…”

Yvette did not hear what Hans said next. She could not listen to anything anymore.

She felt like she might as well stay at her mother’s side. At least, after scolding her, her mother was already used to cleaning up after her mess.

However, Lance clearly did not seem to let her come over just to give her a gilded position.

He looked at Yvette’s expression and waved his hand, letting Hans prepare for the handover.

When Hans left the office, Lance walked over. He looked down at her.

“Why are you unhappy?”

Yvette blinked. “Are you happy?”

Lance smiled, a trace of warmth and dampness in his eyes.

“Yes, I’m quite happy because you’ll be working with me soon.”

Yvette pouted. “Will you still be this happy if our positions were switched?”

Lance looked back at his desk, pondered, and smiled.

“So, you want to sit in my position?”

Yvette looked away. He had clearly misinterpreted her meaning.

She originally thought that even if she did not become the vice president, she would at least be a supervisor or something similar.

What the hell? An assistant?

The difference was too large!

Lance said, “That’s not impossible. When you mature, I’ll give you this seat, okay?”

Yvette rolled her eyes. “Who cares?”

Lance smiled, not minding her little temper at all. Instead, he found it somewhat delicate and cute.

Yvette, who had always been proud and cold, could still lose her temper like this. She was simply a little angel.

He saw her heavy mood and explained patiently.

“You also know that Sheldon Corporation just expanded our business here. The two giants, Ferguson Corporation and Stanton Corporation basically occupy half of the business world each. It’s not easy for other parties to come over and expand here.”

Yvette looked at him and pursed her lips.

“So? I remember that your family’s power in Central Mediania isn’t small. Why did you have to come here?”

Lance smiled.

“We can’t keep traveling the old path. Although Sheldon Corporation was freed from Harrison Corporation’s power with the help of Stanton Corporation, that doesn’t mean that it’ll always be smooth sailing. Sheldon Corporation needs to transform. We can’t keep going in circles in Central. Atlanta is the most rapidly developing city in Mediania. Even if it’s tough, we still have to come here.”

That was why, even if his position here was not as good as in Central, he still had to live under someone else’s gaze.

Yvette blinked and felt her heart faintly move.

She did not know why he was suddenly telling her so much.

It seemed to be confidential information since it was related to the future of the company. It would be too easy to leak it.

“Oh, but does that have anything to do with me being your assistant?”

She still had to correct the topic that had gone on a tangent.

Lance smiled at her.

“It does. Hans’ capabilities alone are enough for him to take charge of the project department.

There’s no one else but him. I can’t be without a competent person around me, so Ms. Quimbey,

could I bother you for a while and ask you to be my assistant?”

‘Could I bother you?’

Yvette’s heart was suddenly flooded with warmth. It was sweet and sour yet had an indescribable taste.

She suddenly was not angry or uncomfortable anymore.

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