The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1522

However, Nicole knew that this was not the time nor place to sink into depravity.

She took a step back. Her blush faded, and she looked at Clayton with a serious face.

“Let’s have dessert.”

Clayton smiled. His playful look was slightly unrestrained. He was just teasing her, but when he saw how striking and lovely she looked when she was angry, his heart really could not help it.

He also knew that now was not the right time, so he walked over to the table to set out the desserts one by one.

They were all her favorite flavors.

The dessert shop was owned by the wife of a corporate boss. It was a business done out of interest and was very popular in the circle. They had limited stocks daily and had to be ordered in advance. Even their ingredients were imported.

Demand for it exceeded supply.

Nicole was also fascinated for a while. However, to maintain her figure, she had to stay away from it even if she liked it.

Nicole was stunned for a moment when she saw the private brand on it.

“There was still some left when you went there?” Clayton raised his brows and smiled.

“They’re freshly made. I talked to her husband about work at noon, so I asked her to reserve a variety of these. I was just lucky.”

Nicole smiled in surprise. Although her heart admonished her not to eat, her mouth was still very honest.

The strawberry cake in front of her was so tempting that she could not help but take a bite with a spoon.

The feeling of it melting in her mouth was really memorable. It was absolutely amazing.

When Clayton saw her eating the cake so happily, his smile that was plastered on his face widened.

Of course, he would not tell her that when he talked business with the cafe owner’s husband, he deliberately sent them back to their home and begged the cafe owner to make a few desserts. She only agreed to make them fresh because she was too embarrassed to refuse.

Clayton was afraid that Nicole would be in a bad mood, but also heartbroken that she would be in a bad mood.

Seeing her eating a bite of dessert and smiling happily, Clayton suddenly felt that he was thinking too much.

Eric was not that important to her.

Nicole ate a few bites of everything and refused to eat anymore.

She got full from the guilt. If she ate another bite, she would not be able to sleep tonight.

Therefore, she sat opposite him and looked at him from afar.

“You should eat too…” Clayton was speechless. He did not like dessert.

However, under Nicole’ s expectant gaze, he could only pick up the spoon and eat up the rest.

Nicole smiled in satisfaction. “Is it good?”

Clayton nodded.

Although it was not too sweet, it was his first time eating so much dessert, so he still felt a little uncomfortable.

Nicole smiled and told someone to come in and clean up. Then, she went over to get her bag.

“Let’s go then. Do you want to see Michael?”

She stayed at Stanton Mansion for the time being. If he drove her home, he could stop by to see Michael.

Clayton paused and looked at her with a dark gaze.

“We haven’t gone on a date for a long time. Let’s go for a movie?”

Nicole hesitated for a few seconds but nodded her head in agreement.

Although she was not interested in watching a movie, thinking about it now, it really had been a long time since they went out on a date.

This was not beneficial to developing a relationship.

Furthermore, Clayton ‘ s pitiful appearance really made her heart take pity on him.

On the way out of the door, Nicole’s phone rang. It was Yvette, who sent the latest update. Clayton glanced at it.

[The guests are all here and the bride is already out, but you know what? The groom didn’t come!]

Clayton swept a glance and quickly averted his gaze when he realized what he was doing. There were some inexplicable emotions on his face, and his chest felt indescribably stuffy.

It turned out that Nicole did care after all. She told someone to update her about the scene.

Clayton was inexplicably jealous.

Nicole took a casual glance at it and turned off her phone.

When the two arrived downstairs, Clayton could not help but speak.

“ I wonder how Mr. Ferguson ‘ s wedding is going.”

Nicole looked at Clayton in confusion. “Didn’t you see the message earlier? He didn’t show up…”

Clayton was speechless.

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