The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1534

The man waved his hand and sprinkled some white powder, then took Nicole away.

Looking at it, Nicole had no strength and was unable to fight back at all.

If he had used force instead, Nicole might not have been so easily taken away.

The man’s tactics were brilliant. He probably already knew that Nicole was trained and was afraid that it would attract the attention of others if there was too much of a commotion.

Clayton’s fingers squeezed his phone until his knuckles turned white. His expression was dark and gloomy.

The manager on the side trembled. “S-Should we call the cops?”

The manager was so frightened that he could not complete his sentence. It was clearly a kidnapping, but the person being kidnapped was the heiress of Stanton Corporation.

Stanton Corporation just had to move a finger to make his cinema go bankrupt.

He seemed to feel the catastrophe.

Clayton’s face was dark and glum. His warmth faded away, and he seemed to turn into someone else, becoming terrible and gloomy.

Clayton glanced at the manager coldly and turned to leave.

He did not say whether to call the police.

The manager did not dare to make the decision on his own.

The receptionist cautiously reminded him, “What if the person kills the hostage if you call the police? Ms. Stanton will die…”

The manager’s face became even paler.

Grant knew that Nicole was wearing a watch with GPS tracking on it, so he was not too worried at first.

However, when he saw that the red dot disappeared at the entrance of the mall, he finally realized the seriousness of the matter.

The watch was thrown aside, but Nicole was taken away.

Grant ran out of the study and even dropped one of his slippers.

Aida was surprised to see Grant looking so pale with fright.

“Where are you going?”

Grant tried to restrain his emotions. He looked at the still-lit living room and heard Floyd and the butler chatting. He became uncertain.

He took a deep breath, looked at Aida, and spoke in a soft voice.

“Nicole was kidnapped. I’m going to have a look. You stay here and don’t tell Dad about this.”

Grant knew that too many accidents happened to Nicole. The last time the plane crashed into the ocean, everyone said that Nicole died.

In those days, Floyd seemed to age twenty years in a n instant.

Grant could not afford any more risks.

Aida’s expression also instantly turned glum.

She nodded repeatedly. “Okay, go. Tell me if you have any news.”

Grant nodded and quickly left through the elevator on the second floor without being seen by Floyd and the butler.

Clayton did not call the police because he did not want to take any risks. He wanted to leave room for negotiation before he knew where the enemy came from and what their goal was.

He already had hackers hack into the surrounding surveillance system, not sparing any corners on the monitored roads around the cinema.

However, whether it was a coincidence or not, the tall and skinny man left the mall with a semi- conscious Nicole in his arms and chose a path where the surveillance cameras were broken.

When the man disappeared at the intersection, the hostility in Clayton’s eyes suddenly surged. He could no longer hold back and swept his hand across the desk.

The hand at his side trembled slightly.

The people around him did not dare to say a word. Clayton had always been gentle and modest.

They had never seen Clayton like this before.

When Grant arrived, Clayton was telling his men to expand the search area.

Grant looked at Clayton with a gaze that did not seem as placid as before.

There were a few hints of coldness.

After all, Clayton could not even protect a woman. Grant should not have allowed them to be together.

“Mr. Stanton…”

Clayton suppressed his emotions and nodded. His dark eyes were sunken with endless shame.

Grant pursed his lips. Now was not the time to dwell on this. He could only put away his dissatisfaction and looked at the monitor to the side.

“She’s missing?”

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