The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1540

The man’s lips curled as his eyes locked on Nicole’s face.

Although she was pale and weak, it was hard to hide the stunning beauty of her features.

He could not help but reach out and stroke her face. That feeling was like a venomous snake hissing with its tongue out, making shivers run down Nicole’s spine.

She turned her head away. Her gaze was cold and disgusted.

The man chuckled. “You’ll know when you get there.”

He looked outside and narrowed his eyes. “We’re already at the border, so I won’t give you any medicine anymore. Be a good girl, okay?”

Nicole pursed her lips and said nothing. Her mind burst with fear.

The border?

How many days have passed?

Had she been unconscious for the past few days because the man drugged her?

Nicole could not help but feel some chills in her heart. She wondered if Clayton was anxious now. The Stanton family definitely knew about it too.

When she thought about how Floyd would react when he found out, her eyes could not help but sting.

She was always making them worry.

The man jumped out of the car in a few steps, closed the door, and went down to make a phone call.

She vaguely heard that it seemed like his words were mixed with a strong Southeast Asian accent.

Southeast Asia?

Nicole’s heart turned cold.

The only person around Nicole who could be associated with Southeast Asia was Eric’ s fiancée, Angie.

She suddenly remembered Yvette’s words. Eric did not appear at the scene of the engagement ceremony.

Could it be that Angie blamed everything on her? The scene of Angie appearing in front of her for the first time suddenly flashed in her mind. It was a banquet held by the Carter family. Angie came in with Riley, and her dressing style closely imitated Nicole’s.

At that time, she even called herself “Ann”.

It turns out that Nicole was kidnapped because of Angie, the arms dealer?

Nicole felt overwhelmed as she thought about it.

She looked down. Her clothes were so dirty and messy that she could not tell what they originally looked like.

It was a limited-edition outfit from a first-tier brand, but now, it looked like a knockoff from the streets. No one would believe it if she said that it was real.

There was no time to think about that now.

The car did not start, and the man did not leave nor come in after his phone call.

It seemed like he was waiting for something. What was he waiting for?

Nicole’s head hurt a little. She did not know if it was the after-effects of the medicine, but she felt a dull ache, as if she had been struck in the head.

As a result, even if she did not take the medicine, she was still a little dizzy.

Nicole sat in the car and took a deep breath. Although it was full of a fishy smell that made it hard for her to calm down, at least she could be awake without taking the medicine.

She had to think.

All she could do was think.

After about ten minutes, she suddenly heard the sound of gradually approaching cars.

Nicole opened her eyes for a moment. Her gaze shone with a spark of hope.

Sure enough, the cars stopped around her. Did someone catch up to her?

Was she saved?

Just as Nicole was about to scream for help, she felt that something was wrong.

Then, someone got out of the car. Judging by the sound of it, there were quite a few people.


“Boss, you’re back!”

“Boss, I heard there was some kind of accident. It’s good that you’re alright…”

Hearing the people call him “Boss”, Nicole’s heart went cold.

The light in her eyes gradually dimmed.

It turned out that they were not here to save her. They were the man’s accomplices.

The next second, the door to the carriage opened, and a strong light came flooding in. Her eyes had a moment of discomfort.

Nicole pursed her lips and watched as several short, dark, and thin-looking people got into the carriage and moved the seafood out of the way. Their eyes fiercely sized Nicole up.

“Boss, this is that lady from the Stanton family? She was the one who stole our Young Lady’s man?”

The man in the lead looked at Nicole with extreme displeasure.

He wanted to tear Nicole apart.

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