The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1551

Nicole paused, thought about it, and followed over. It would be impossible for her to run now.

After all, she could not outrun a bullet.

The man walked over slowly and leisurely with his men. His gaze swept sharply over Nicole’s body.

“You brought her out?”

The woman nodded and smiled. “She was locked up in the room. Even if she’s not scared to death by you guys, she’ll also scare herself to death! I thought that she might as well come out for a breather. We need to give preferential treatment to our hostage!”

Caleb sneered. His eyes were cold and sharp with a layer of gloom. “How kind of you.”

He fumbled with the gun in his hand and aimed it at Nicole as he looked at her. “Aren’t you afraid that she’ll run away?”

Nicole’s face tightened slightly.

The woman laughed joyfully as she pulled out a pocket pistol from her chest and spun it around in her hand.

“What are you afraid of? If she doesn’t behave, I’ll just shoot her…”

She said it as a matter of course as if she had long been accustomed to such a thing.

Nicole’s face was slightly pale as she thought, ‘ Luckily I didn’t think of running away just now!’

Caleb laughed so loud that it sounded like he was praising that woman’s cleverness.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing. His gaze was grim a s he sized up Nicole.

“I heard that you have some fighting skills. Can you use a gun?”

Nicole was about to shake her head and say that she did not know when something suddenly occurred to her.

If she had a gun in her hand, did she still need to be afraid of them?

Then, she nodded solemnly.

The man smiled and threw the gun in the woman’s hand to Nicole. He pointed to a few bodyguards that were target practicing not far away and said, “Go over and play for a while.”

when Nicole thought about the authenticity of this gun, she suddenly felt a little nervous.

However, after being nervous, she calmed down. What a great opportunity!

Nicole looked at him. The man’s phone rang. He looked at it and frowned slightly, then he let go of the woman and walked to the front to answer the phone.

“Hey, have the goods arrived?”

The woman walked to Nicole’s side. “Go ahead. Don’t hurt anyone…”

She raised her eyebrows meaningfully and did not intend to go over with Nicole. She then left the place by herself.

Nicole took a deep breath, took the gun, and walked step by step toward the arena not far away.

The few bodyguards were dressed casually, but from their body and physique, they were all skilled and were comparable to Nicole.

Nicole was not confident she could escape unless she also had a hostage in her hands. The most suitable hostage would be Caleb.

Nicole bit her lower lip and went over.

There were three men there. All of them looked very strong. When they saw Nicole coming over, they smiled meaningfully with disdain and mockery in their eyes as if it was fun to watch her make a fool of herself.

“Is she going to practice this too?” “Does she even dare to pull the trigger?”

“Look at her skinny frame! But her rack’ s quite a looker…”

As they said that, they looked at each other and laughed.

Nicole’s face was red with anger. She wanted to show her temper, but she could not.

The gun in her hand was pocket -sized and small but had a strong firing power.

To scare Nicole, a man standing at the most front suddenly raised his gun and consecutively fired a few shots. The shots were deafening, and the sound echoed all around.

The bullets hit the bullseye.

Nicole’s heart trembled slightly as she tried to calm herself down.

The man smiled sinisterly and spoke disdainfully.

“Hey, it’s your turn. If you win, this gun will be yours.”

He held up the gun he was holding, which looked more practical than the one she was holding.

The smell of gunpowder was also stronger.

Nicole did not know how many people he had killed with this gun.

Her heart trembled. She was indeed moved by that offer.

The gun in her hand would be taken back sooner or later. It would certainly be more convenient if she got to keep this bigger gun.

Nicole exhaled. “Okay. Keep your word.” The man did not expect Nicole to agree to it.

The people on the side who were watching the fun asked, “Then what if you lose?”

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