The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1553

Nicole looked at the needle that stuck out from her chest. After the pain, she felt a dense soreness and numbness. She felt that half of her body was stiff and numb.

After the shock, she felt the fear of having escaped a calamity.

She should be thankful that the gun was not real. It was just a scary tranquilizer gun.

Cold sweat started to break out all over her body after she came to her senses.

Nicole almost forgot that she was in the territory of an arms dealer. Was she not just creating trouble for herself?

In front of her, Caleb’s face changed. He had a cold and evil look on his face when he stared at her. He then looked at her sternly.

“ It seems that I was too polite to you before, Ms. Stanton. You can stay somewhere else tonight.”

After saying that, Caleb walked around her and left.

Nicole did not feel good. She did not know how strong the anesthetic was.

The numbness started from her chest. Half of her body went numb and gradually spread to her whole body.

This feeling of losing control of her body was terrible.

Then, her eyes flipped back, and she fainted.

When Nicole opened her eyes again, she was not in the room she was in before.

She had expected that she would not be treated the way she was before.

It was too late to regret anything.

She could only blame it on her bad luck. Nicole gritted her teeth and looked around. She was instantly shocked.

This room was ramshackle and airtight. A dim light swung and swayed overhead, creating flickering shadows. It was extremely stuffy, and she felt breathless.

In the opposite corner, more than a dozen girls were crouching on the floor.

They looked at Nicole warily, but also sympathetically.

More than anything, they were expressionless.

Those girls did not look old. The youngest was only 11 or 1z years old, and the oldest was ›7 or 28 years old. They were mostly adolescent girls.

Their eyes were so ignorant, fearful, or innocent. Nicole’s heart sank.

She coughed. Her voice was hoarse. Her body was still sore and numb, but the after-effects of the anesthesia were not so strong anymore.

Nicole could barely sit up on her own.

It was dark all around, and it looked like it was already nighttime.

“This is…”

Nicole asked tentatively.

Before she could finish her sentence, someone pushed open the door.

It was Caleb’s woman.

She swept a disgusted glance at the women who were in the corner before her gaze landed on Nicole’s body.

The woman held a bowl of paste-looking substance and walked over to Nicole.

“Drink it. The boss said that from now on, you’ll get one bowl of this a day. You can choose to starve t o death if you dislike it.”

Nicole paused and raised her eyes to look at her.


The woman raised her hand to stop Nicole from speaking.

“It’s useless to say anything. You can only hope that the person who’s supposed to save you will come quickly. Otherwise…”

She stopped mid-sentence and laughed lightly. ” I told you long ago not to hurt anyone. You’re just asking for it.”

Caleb was only tolerant of Nicole because she was not a threat.

Once Nicole posed a threat to him, he would no longer show mercy.

Nicole wanted to test Caleb’s bottom line, which was a little foolish.

After hearing her words, Nicole held back her question.

Nicole took the bowl of paste and barely had an appetite when she looked at it.

However, Nicole still thanked her for her kindness. “Who are these people?”

Nicole could not help but ask.

The woman swept a glance. Her tone was cold. “They’re not people. They’re just goods.”

That tone was so light as if it was not worth mentioning.

Nicole was shocked for a moment. She wanted to ask more, but the woman was already getting impatient.

“I’m leaving. You can stay here by yourself and mind your own business.”

After that, the woman turned around and left, as if staying here for one more minute was an insult to her.

Nicole took a while to react. She put the bowl on the ground and looked at those girls across the room.

No one opened their mouths to speak.

Nicole finally learned her lesson. It was best not to pry blindly without knowing the other party’s bottom line.

It looked like these women were not really guests here.

‘They’re just goods?’

Nicole wrinkled her brows. Why would an arms dealer treat women as goods?

The silence only lasted for a while. Just as Nicole began to doze off, the door was kicked open with a bang, making those women scream.

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