The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1554

Nicole instantly came to her senses and widened her eyes.

A few big and burly men came into the dim and stuffy room.

Nicole could even recognize one of them. He was the one that she tried to shoot at the shooting range earlier.

Her expression changed dramatically as she quickly shrank back into the shadows.

However, that man did not even look in her direction.

The man casually glanced at the girls. He picked a younger one like he was picking up a chicken and dragged her out.

The women were terrified and screamed in fear.

The man was so annoyed that he impatiently fired a shot.

The gun went off, and silence fell in the room.

Everyone was crying with their mouths covered, afraid to be noticed by the man.

“Damn it! Take her away…”

A girl was dragged away, and the rest of the women cried in despair.

The room was quiet again.

Nicole looked at the scene in shock. Although the air was hot and humid, her body still felt cold all over.

It was extremely cold.

The woman who had been dragged away was crying and screaming outside. They could hear her getting beaten up.

It was as if the most desperate thing had happened.

Nicole jerked to her feet, ignoring the discomfort in her body, then leaned on the door and looked out.

Nicole looked out into the darkness of the night. Those men took the woman into another room. Her unabated cries continued until midnight.

A chill ran through Nicole’s heart, and she felt nauseous.

Why did Caleb keep Nicole here?

Was it to warn her that he was not a kind person? Now, Nicole finally experienced it.

She stood there. The others were accustomed to the fear. When the crying ended, they all fell asleep.

Nicole could not sleep at all.

It felt like she had fallen into a nightmare.

She did not know how long she stood there for. A grimy-looking woman tugged at Nicole’ s clothes and looked at her with dark eyes.

“Don’t look. She can’t come back.”

The girl said very calmly and hopelessly.

Nicole ‘s body stiffened. She turned back and saw that the group of women had fallen asleep, only a younger one did not.

She pursed her lips. “Who are you girls? Why are you here?”

The girl was only about 18 or ig years old. She looked at Nicole and blinked. “How did you get here?”

Nicole said, “I was kidnapped.”

The girl nodded and did not seem surprised at all. “I was tricked into coming here.”

She turned around and pointed to the people behind her. “Some of them were also captured as well.”

The girl seemed satisfied with Nicole’ s answer and let down her guard.

“You’re new here, so it won’t be your turn for the next few days. Don’t worry.”

Nicole was stunned. Her heart became more suspicious. “You just said that she can’t come back. What do you mean by that?”

She thought that the girl was brought out and raped. There were so many men here, so those men would certainly not hold back their physical needs.

The security here was already chaotic, not to mention they were in the territory of arms dealers.

However, if those men only wanted to rape that girl, why can’t she come back?

The girl looked at Nicole. Her voice was a little cold and small.

“They’re getting her to transport the goods…”

Nicole’s heart trembled. She suddenly felt goosebumps all over her body.

She had a bad intuition, but she could not say it. “Transport goods?”

The girl nodded her head. “That’s what they told me.”

After saying that, she looked back. “Go to sleep.”

The girl turned around and went back to where she originally was. She leaned against the corner and closed her eyes to sleep.

Nicole suddenly understood why Caleb‘s woman told her to mind her own business.

She took a deep breath. The air was stuffy and humid. She felt as if she was wrapped in a cocoon.

Nicole was shocked and felt even more helpless.

She could not even save herself, so how could she save the others?

After all, not every place was like Mediania.

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