The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1555

The next day, the sun rose as usual.

Only today, no one came to see Nicole. She stayed with the group of women. The air was stagnant and extremely hot.

During the day, they took away four women, so Nicole was extremely tense.

She felt like she was going crazy from the repression.

Two days later.

Someone brought Nicole to Caleb.

Caleb had just finished making a phone call. His eagle eyes looked at her sharply.

“Mr. Ferguson is here and said that he wants to see me for negotiations. Ms. Stanton, you can look forward to it.”

Nicole could no longer look at Caleb with the same gaze she had in the beginning.

He was an arms dealer that made such cruel and unseemly deals in the shadows.

How could Nicole believe that he would keep his promise to let her go?

Nicole’s eyes were clear, cold, and still. “It’s not that simple, is it? Besides exchanging hostages, what else do you want?”

Caleb raised his eyebrows slightly. He seemed to look at Nicole in a different light.

“It looks like you’ve become wiser after spending a few days there, huh?”

Nicole pursed her lips. Her face was very glum.

How could he have any integrity if he did not treat people as human beings?

“Caleb, you’re not doing this for Angie. Angie and I are just dispensable in your plan, right?”

Her tone was extremely dull as she tried to suppress the ripples within her heart.

Caleb’s face changed slightly. His gaze darkened for a moment as he looked at her dangerously.


Nicole looked at him. “You want to get something from Eric, so he must come in person. But you didn’t show him your cards. At the meeting, you’ll take advantage of the situation and blackmail him. Eric will have no choice but to concede.”

The air turned cold in an instant.

Caleb raised his eyes to look at Nicole. His voice was deep and cold as he said, “Ms. Stanton, you’re really smart, much smarter than Angie. No wonder Mr. Ferguson can’t forget about you.”

“Caleb, I have to remind you that I have no relationship with Eric Ferguson. If it’s simply exchanging hostages or demanding a ransom, it’ll b e an easy deal. If anything more is involved, I’m afraid that Eric won’t agree to it. You’re just

wasting your efforts.”

Caleb laughed lightly. He had an imperceptible look on his face.

“ Is that so? Aren’t you curious what Mr. Ferguson i s willing to do for you?”

Nicole stood still.“ I never test the bottom line of someone’s principles, let alone someone who has nothing to do with me.”

Caleb tilted his head and laughed for a while. He suddenly stopped laughing and looked down at her. His voice was cold. “I really should let him see you how heartless you are. Mr. Ferguson has come such a long way to save you, yet you dismiss it by saying he has nothing to do with you?”

“This is the truth. It’s your error of judgment.” Caleb’s face sank.

“Fine, then we shall see if it’s right or wrong…” Caleb put away his smile and looked at the time. A bodyguard came in the door.

“Boss, the car is ready. We can depart now.”

Caleb answered, glanced at Nicole, lifted his foot, and left.

He only intended to inform Nicole of the meeting and had no intention of taking her with him.

If Eric really brought Nicole away as he wished, how else could they continue negotiations?

Caleb was planning to use Nicole to the end and gain something valuable in exchange for nothing.

After Caleb left, Nicole’s legs went limp in an instant. She held onto the table on the side so that she would not fall.

The soles of her feet felt cold. Every time she looked into Caleb’s eyes, she felt an eerie and very oppressive feeling.

No one came to rush her back to the previous room.

Nicole stood there for a while.

She heard the sound of a car driving in the yard, followed by the sound of a woman screaming.

They were such strange and tragic cries.

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