The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1566

Nicole was dead.

Eric felt that his heart was falling into an ice cave. It was so deadly cold that he could not feel anything.

It was as if something very important had been stripped away from his life.

Moreover, it was simply out of his control. He could only watch and feel the pain of this loss.

He did not witness the explosion, but seeing the ashes after the explosion made him feel as if he had been shot in the head.

At that moment, Eric could not hear or see anything. He wanted to die and would rather that he was dead.

The air was hot and humid, and the sun was scorching.

Eric stood there as if he had just come out of a pool. His whole body was wet and dripping with cold sweat.

The man next to Eric was his local subordinate. The subord inate cautiously looked at Eric when he saw that something was wrong.

“Mr. Ferguson, are you alright?”

Eric did not hear any sound. His expression was gloomy and terrifying.

The ashes in front of him and the air that still had the residual smell of smoke and charred wood felt like hell on earth.

The person who approached was frightened by Eric’s gaze, but he still braced himself to ask Eric,“ Mr. Ferguson, are you not feeling well? Do you want to go to the hospital? I’ll inquire about the situation here immediately…”

Eric’s pale lips were tightly pursed. His face was ashen and defeated as he pushed the man away and staggered over.

A lot of people gathered around to watch. Apparently, the strong explosion also affected several nearby homes. The surrounding people thought that it was an earthquake.

The local police also came over quickly. They saw the scene and sighed.

“The two people inside didn’t get out, right?”

“It’s such a big explosion. They’re probably dead…” “That man is really stupid. There was obviously no time to rush in to save the hostage. He’s just looking for his own death…”

“Who knows? The higher-ups told us to handle this low-key, understand?”

Eric did not hear the rest of the words, but he heard a few keywords and ran over.

“What man? Who barged in?”

The police officer originally did not want to say more, but he could tell from Eric’s expensive clothes that he was not someone he could offend.

“A handsome and svelte man suddenly came out of nowhere. He insisted on running in to die, and we couldn’t stop him…”

Eric’s face changed slightly.

The rest of the police officers echoed. “Yes, yes… He seems to be looking for someone and thinks that she’s inside. What’s her name again?”

“Nicole… Yes, it’s Nicole…”

The light in Eric’s eyes went out completely.

The glimmer of hope he originally had turned into despair.

The person who went to look for Nicole was not Eric, but Clayton.

Eric inexplicably thought of the last time he met Clayton at the airport.

In the end, Clayton won.

Eric closed his eyes and felt that he could not stand firm.

Eric should be the one to accompany Nicole in death. Why didn’t he die?

Why didn’t he immediately agree to those conditions when Caleb proposed them?

Why was he hesitating when he had the chance to save her?

Why did he not take this deal to heart, thinking that Nicole would still have the same luck she had before to escape unscathed?

The people around Eric were constantly asking about his condition, but Eric’s heart was tense. His eyes suddenly flipped back as he collapsed.

It was dawn.

The air was moist and cold.

When Nicole opened her eyes, there was darkness all around her, but she could smell disinfectant. It felt familiar, but also strange.

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