The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1572

There was silence over the phone. There was no response.

Grant’s reaction was extremely quiet and indifferent.

Grant asked Logan to investigate just to verify his own speculation.

He was not clueless.

Now, Grant confirmed his speculation.

Grant thought, ‘This damned Eric! Why isn’t he the one to bear all this?’

“President, what’s your next order?” Logan asked.

From the moment Grant learned that Nicole had returned safely, his spirit came back.

It was as if everything had meaning again.

Grant had courage and purpose even if he were to go against Eric.

Grant’s tone was indifferent. “Where’s Angie now?” He was more concerned about this issue.

In the beginning, Caleb proposed a hostage exchange. Eric went by himself, which could be understood as impatience.

However, the negotiations failed, so Eric was actually not that anxious.

What about the other hostage?

Where didn’t she appear from the beginning? Logan paused. “She’s still under investigation.” Grant wrinHed his brow. Logan added, “She has never left Mediania. Before Eric left, he informed someone to bring her over, but the negotiations failed. Eric was worried that Caleb would snatch her away in his territory, so he did not allow them to take Angie back to Southeast Asia, saying that he wanted to keep her as a trump card…”

Logan spoke with extreme restraint of his own emotions.

He had been Nicole’s assistant for so long, so he knew that this princess was not as difficult to serve as it looks like on the surface. In fact, Nicole was very nice and abided by clear rules. She was a simple person.

However, how did Eric Ferguson, who declared to the public about his deep love for Nicole, treat her in the end?

Logan could not bear to think deeper.

Eric just wasted a piece of Nicole’ s heart back then.

Initially, Logan was still wavering between Eric and Clayton, but now, as Nicole’s assistant, he had secretly decided to side with Clayton forever.

There was silence over the phone. Grant also seemed to be holding back his emotions.

“Eric Ferguson is really something!”

This was a deal without sincerity. Both parties did not take the hostages seriously.

Grant had been careless. He thought that whatever Eric did for Nicole back then was from his heart.

However, those were all within Eric’s power, so he only did them casually.

What’s so great about this kind of bravado? Grant closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Eric’s still there?”

Logan paused for a second before he realized that Grant was asking about Eric’s whereabouts.

“Yes, he thought that Ms. Stanton had died in the explosion and was trying to take revenge on Caleb…”

Grant sneered. “Let him be. They can get into a dogfight for all I care. He deserves it. In the meantime, send Angie back to draw out Caleb.”

Logan immediately understood Grant’s meaning.“ Okay, I’ll contact the authorities about this matter. They say that they can’t find out any more useful information from Angie, so they want to try other methods…”

Grant leaned on the sofa outside Nicole’s ward. He closed his eyes and faked sleep for a while.

Not much longer, Grant could hear the sound of footsteps gradually approaching.

He snapped open his eyes and saw that Aida was walking over with a glum-faced Floyd.

Floyd’s expression was agitated and angry, while Aida looked a bit helpless.

Aida had no choice. She intended to pre-empt Floyd, but Floyd was too smart. He sensed that something was wrong as soon as Aida started speaking.

Floyd immediately tried to get in touch with Nicole, whom he had not seen or even heard from in the past few days. Thus, he noticed that something was off.

However, Grant had been telling him that Nicole had been doing well. Floyd was also dubious until last night.
When Aida opened her mouth, Floyd knew that something must have happened.

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