The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1579

The two ladies talked for a long time. Nicole was hungry.

Just in time, Grant came in with an insulated food container.

Yvette was also hungry. Her eyes lit up when she saw the food container. Just as she was about to take it, Grant lightly said, “Mr. Sheldon has been outside waiting for someone. It’s been more than two hours…”

Yvette’s face stiffened. She immediately retracted her hand and glanced at Grant as she bit her lower lip.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Grant’s face was frozen. Yvette could not care less, said goodbye to Nicole, and left in a hurry.

Nicole laughed when she saw Yvette running out. It was clear that Yvette did not mean what she said. She could not even last three days, yet she wanted to stay angry at Lance.

It looks like Yvette was really deep in love with Lance.

Grant let out a light laugh, s at across the table, and opened the food box.

“Let’s eat?”

Nicole nodded her head.

Grant took the initiative to speak up. “Clayton’s condition is getting better now. I heard Uncle Sven and his professor say that Clayton should be able to wake up in less than a week.”

Nicole’s eyes lit up. She could not even hide the smile on her face.


Grant nodded. “So just rest easy and get well soon.”

Nicole took a deep breath. “Then when will I be discharged from the hospital? What about work?”

Grant knitted his brows for a moment. His voice was clear.

“There’s no hurry. I’m still around and can handle the company. If you get discharged now, the situation in Southeast Asia is bound to change. To be honest, the situation is now in our favor. Also,

Eric owes you.”

Nicole understood Grant‘s meaning. Although she did not want to get involved again, she also did not want the Stanton family to go out of their way to fight with Caleb.

After all, it was Eric who got himself involved. She nodded. “Okay, then I’ll listen to you.” Grant stroked her head. “Get some rest.” Nicole finally got a night to herself.

She looked at the messages inside the group chat on her phone. It was very lively.

Since Nicole returned safely, the group chat was not just a conversation between Julie and Ian. Yvette very actively began to bombard messages in the group again.

[Ian Carter: Has she gone crazy?]
[Julie Nixon: It’s probably premarital insanity. Don’t let anyone know about it…] [Yvette Quimbey:

The next day.

The doctor opened the window to the ward to let some fresh air in. The smell of the fresh rain outside filled the room as the rain pattered against the window like a lullaby from a music box, but Nicole did not want to go to sleep.

Nicole was looking at the latest entertainment news. Many celebrities made the headlines, but they were upstaged after a while. Usually, celebrities only get two days of hype before everyone forgets about them.

However, the good thing was that Harvey could still compete. His films had great reviews and he even got the Best Actor award. Now, with his acting skills to prove his capabilities and his usually low-key and non-competitive personality, he was well- praised in the circle.

Since Harvey was still the spokesperson of Stanton Corporation, Dominic gave him preferential treatment.

He would give any good resources to Harvey.

It looked like Harvey was replacing Fabian back then.

Since Fabian left Falcon Entertainment and set up his own studio, the most important positions like his assistant and manager were his relatives.

His relatives were not professional, so they did not make a splash in the entertainment circle.

A lot of important resources were snatched away by a new batch of young actors that were cheaper and had better conditions than Fabian.

Fabian’s previous popularity had been a roadblock to many celebrities back then, but due to Falcon Entertainment’s background, no one dared to touch him. However, it was different now.

During this recent period, there was a series of exposé about Fabian’s scandals.

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