The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1599

Nicole could not help but laugh. A prop. That was too honest!

Even Logan’s lips could not help but curl up.

Mr. Wilheim said, “I thought it would be Mr. Stanton who came to meet me, but it turned out to be you instead, girl.”

Nicole raised her brows. “Why not? I’m also just a prop…”

The two exchanged a laugh.

Logan tugged Nicole from the side and reminded her softly.

“Sign the contract!”

It seemed like Grant placed a lot of importance on this deal. Otherwise, how would Logan be in such a hurry?

Nicole nodded and extended her hand. “Then shall we, a pair of props, sign the contract before catching up?”

Mr. Wilheim said, “Of course.”

Thus, under everyone’s dumbfounded and envious eyes, the contract was signed.

Stanton Corporation participated in the project with Mr. Wilheim as an agent. He was the only domestic agent representing an international luxury brand.

This meant that Stanton Corporation was involved in the operation of the abundant capital in Europe. They basically surpassed Ferguson Corporation.

However, it was undeniable that it was only compared to Ferguson Corporation. Eric’ s ability was by no means limited to Ferguson Corporation. Cyndro International, which was under Eric’s name, was independent of Ferguson Corporation and had a world-class capital.

This news was not widely publicized, and reporters were only informed as per usual practice.

The stable rise in stock prices was the first goal. If it was too high-profile, it would cause a backlash.

After signing the contract and sending away the reporters, it felt like the atmosphere in the venue truly became lively.

Everyone was also much more relaxed and comfortable.

A few people came over to exchange pleasantries.“

Ms. Stanton, I wanted to ask you out for tea some time ago, but I didn’t expect to hear that you went skiing in the Arctic?”

Nicole froze for a moment before smiling. “Yes, what a pity. Let’s meet again another time.”

“Ms. Stanton, you’ re really free and easy. You’re willing to put down your work and relax, unlike us, who are always afraid to delay time…”

Nicole smiled.

Her smile was perfect and impeccable.

Mr. Wilheim looked at her and wanted to say something, frowning.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Nicole found an excuse to run away.

Mr. Wilheim followed her and hesitated to speak.

“It’s not a good season for skiing in the North Pole. I heard that there was a rare snowstorm there. Are you alright?”

Nicole looked up and smiled. “I didn’t go.”

Mr. Wilheim froze for a second and instantly understood that skiing was merely an excuse she made up.

As for why she made an excuse, he did not ask further. “Youngsters…”

Nicole smiled. She was just about to poke fun at something that he began to speak loudly about when she suddenly heard a surprised and familiar voice.

“Ms. Stanton?”

Nicole paused and turned around.

Sure enough, it was Eric’s assistant, Mitchell.

Mitchell stared at Nicole with a shocked face, revealing excitement in his astonishment.

It was an indescribable expression. It looked quite wonderful.

Nicole smiled and nodded without saying anything, taking it as a greeting.

She did not expect Eric’s people to come, and it even turned out to be Mitchell himself.

To the side, Logan also noticed Mitchell and cursed silently. Logan immediately went forward to block Mitchell’s gaze.

“It’s you, Mitchell. I didn’t expect you to come too. This way, please…”

Having Eric’ s people notice Nicole so quickly was something Logan did not expect.

When those invitations to various parties were distributed, they did not deliberately avoid Ferguson Corporation either.

That was because not long after Eric came back from Southeast Asia, he shut himself in and refused to meet anyone. He barely even went to the office anymore.

Thus, Eric did not show up at public events during this period. Ferguson Corporation did not get anyone to participate either.

In the end, look what happened.

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