The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1617

Clayton had an intuition that this matter might have been related to him somehow.

If Caleb allowed Nicole and Eric to talk before, then Nicole must have left the most important message for Eric to convey.

Who was it about?

Nicole sneered. “You didn’t because you were so self-conceited to think that you could solve it. You didn’t think that you would lose, so you didn’t take my words to heart at all, even if those words could possibly be my last words.”

Eric’s face gradually turned ashen.

Her accusation was even colder and more merciless than expected.

Eric did not even have a chance to retort. There was a long silence.

Nicole lazily leaned back on the lounge chair, but her eyes were icy cold.

“ I was dragged into this mess because of you, but you didn’t get me out. In the end, your interests are more important to you. Don’t deny it saying that you didn’t know what would happen and other nonsense like that. A kidnapper who can’t get random knows how to kill a hostage, let alone an arms dealer. We’re all businessmen, so we can weigh the pros and cons clearly in our hearts.

There’s no need to explain yourself so righteously. Besides making yourself feel better, it’ll only make me th ink that you’re more hypocritical and repulsive than I thought you were.”

Nicole spoke unceremoniously. She impatiently tore off Eric’s hypocritical mask and uncovered the ugliness underneath it.

Suddenly, Nicole felt so satisfied.

Nicole would not pity someone who had the advantage but left her to die, no matter how much she used to love him back then.

She was really blind to have loved him before.

Her words were vicious and cold as they meant to hit Eric’s weakest spot.

How was he worthy to pretend to be a romantic? Eric’s face stiffened. His eyes seemed to be defeated.

He thought that by apologizing to her, Nicole would at least maintain a superficial courtesy with him.

Eric selfishly thought that it would be good to see her happy, even if it was as an ordinary friend.

However, he did not expect that Nicole would not give him any chance, not even a superficial courtesy.

He thought that standing out there for a few hours in hopes of meeting her would make her soft- hearted.

However, Nicole was certainly not soft-hearted. She was cold-hearted.

Her disgust and rejection made Eric feel powerless.

She brazenly tore off his disguise so that he did not need to act.

The next second, Nicole stood up and looked down at Eric as if she was judging him. “Eric, you owe me and have no way to repay it in this life. Don’t expect any forgiveness. You’re not the one left to die, so you probably think that saying ‘I forgive you’ is pretty easy, right? You can live with your choice. I don’t care if you’re in pain or if you blame yourself. You deserve it.”

After Nicole finished her sentence, she turned around and took two steps out, but she suddenly stopped and looked at him sideways. Her eyes were clear and cold, and her words carried a chill. “Also, from now on, stay away from me. You’d better not appear in front of me again. I’ll be happier if I don’t see your face. I hope that you can understand and get lost, the further the better.”

Nicole threw down these words and never looked back as she left in big strides.

She seemed to be furious because she even forgot to bring Clayton along.

Clayton stood up and surveyed the wretchedness, panic, pain, and suffering on Eric’s face.

Clayton did not know how to feel about that for a moment.

Nicole’s words carried more than what they meant on the surface.

Only Nicole could break Eric’s strong psychological defenses and reduce Eric to nothing as if his soul had left his body. Only she could send him into the deepest depths of hell.

Clayton thought that Nicole acted as if nothing had happened since she came back because she wanted to let go of the past.

Thus, Clayton‘s resentment and anger had some selfishness.

However, Clayton suddenly understood that Nicole never forgave Eric. She wanted to torture Eric in the cruelest way possible.

Every word she said was incredibly harsh.

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