The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1618

Then, Clayton could stop those little moves he made in private against Ferguson Corporation.

Poor Eric.

Clayton straightened his jacket and looked at Eric meaningfully.

“Goodbye, Mr. Ferguson.”

Eric stared at Nicole’s departing silhouette without moving a muscle as if his soul left his body.

However, the moment Clayton opened his mouth, Eric came back to his senses.

His voice was rough as if it was ground by sandpaper.

“You won…”

Eric felt a sharp pain in his heart like countless hands tearing it apart. “Take care of her.”

Eric said the last few words so lightly that they seemed to disappear into the air, but Clayton heard it.

As Clayton lifted his leg to leave, he said, “You don’t need to concern yourself about her anymore. ”

Clayton did not need others to tell him what to do with his woman.

Nicole sat in the car and played with her phone with her head down.

On the side, Roland carefully looked at Clayton and mouthed. “Is she angry?”

Clayton rolled his eyes at him and did not answer. He bent down to get into the car and sat beside Nicole.

The car slowly started, leaving the hospital and Eric in the past.

Nicole leaned on Clayton’ s shoulder and slowly let out a sigh of relief.

“That was satisfying!”

Clayton smiled and dotingly stroked her head. “Can I ask you a question?”


Nicole squinted her eyes slightly.

Although Nicole felt satisfied after that conversation, she also felt a little tired.

Clayton ‘ s voice was extremely pleasant and rang out in the car. “Back then when you talked to Eric, what did you ask him to convey?”

Clayton had a doubt in his heart.

Who exactly was the most important to Nicole? What was his rank?

Although Clayton looked like he did not care, he secretly hoped that he would rank a bit closer to the top.

Nicole was slightly stunned and did not expect Clayton to ask about this.

Back then, she was in pain. “I forgot…”

Clayton turned to the side and planted a light kiss on her forehead. It felt like a feather that made her heart tremble.

“Was it for me? He didn’t convey the message to me?”

At that time, Clayton put all his strength into trying to get a hint of Nicole’s whereabouts.

Of course, he would not let go of Eric. However, Eric’s news was airtight.

It was simply difficult to get information from him.

Nicole only hesitated for half a second before she let out a faint “mm” with no extra words.

She did not want to experience that desperate mood back then again.

The most important person in her life, besides her family, was Clayton.

Nicole already recognized this and would always follow her heart.

Clayton reached out, wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and held her tightly in his embrace.

Everything Clayton gave up for Nicole was not ignored. At some point, perhaps even earlier than Clayton was aware, Nicole had fallen for him.

What seemed unimaginable earlier had come true.

Clayton felt so wholesome like his heart was filled to the brim with warmth.

The future is promising.

Roland only got Clayton’s apartment cleaned because he did not know that Clayton was living in Nicole’s apartment.

Thus, Roland brought Clayton’s suitcases upstairs. Both Nicole and Clayton did not say anything.

Looking at the spotless house, Clayton did not feel much joy. He sat there and watched as Roland went back and forth to unpack his things.

Nicole sat for a while and left after receiving a phone call.

It was from Kai, who came to deliver some things to her. He arrived downstairs.

Clayton did not refuse. After sending Nicole away, Clayton looked back at Roland, who began to blabber on a new topic.

“When you weren’t around, those subordinates were antsy. Luckily, I knocked some sense into all of them, so they finally behaved. Sigh… These people are really unreliable. Once we find a suitable candidate to replace them, we’ll kick them all out!”

Seeing that Clayton did not respond, Roland finally felt that something was wrong.

“Mr. Sloan, why aren’t you saying anything? You don’t even have a reaction?”

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