The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1633

Just as Yvette was hesitating, Nicole came from behind and spoke up casually.

“That’s fine. You should handle your work first…” Yvette frowned. “But you’re already here…”

Nicole smiled. “I don’t have to go to work anyway, so I’ll just go to your office. We can leave together when you get off work.”

Lance frowned.

Yvette hugged her joyfully. “Sure, it’s settled then!” What a great way to have the best of both worlds! Lance was speechless.

Nicole looked at him with a smile. “Can I go to your office to wait for Yvette to get off work, Mr. Sheldon?”

Lance smiled and nodded.

Of course. Since Nicole asked personally, and it was not an unreasonable request, Lance could not refuse.

Furthermore, back then, Nicole completely wiped out his greatest rival, Harrison Corporation, with just a single move. That was what led to the rise of Sheldon Corporation.

Even if it was just a business partnership, Lance could not easily refuse Nicole’s request.

Yvette was overjoyed. She pulled Nicole’s arm and

did not let go.

“Tell Carter to bring that garage kit he won on his trip to Macau. I’ve wanted to see it for a long time. He keeps posting in the group to tempt me!”

Nicole laughed. “Sure, but will he be able to give it up.”

The two ladies in the front joked and laughed, completely ignor ing the people behind.

Lance watched the two backs thoughtfully and felt that something was off.

The branded bag that Luca was carrying when he arrived was also gone.

It just so happened that Yvette changed her clothes. Did that mean that Nicole came over just to deliver clothes to Yvette?

As Lance pondered, they arrived downstairs.

At the entrance.

A car was already waiting there.

A tall and slim woman stood next to the car. She looked ordinary, but her eyes were shrewd.

She had Lance’s coat on her arm and held his phone in her hand, so she was probably an assistant.

Iris saw Nicole and Yvette walking in front, and her smile froze slightly.

Then, she politely bowed her head toward Nicole. “Hello, Ms. Stanton.”

Nicole did not look at her much and simply nodded.

Iris handed the phone to Lance and then opened the coat, preparing to put it on him.

If it were anyone else, no one would find this scene strange.

However, Nicole found it a bit unpleasant.

Before Iris could touch Lance’s shoulder, Lance raised his hand and avoided her, as if he did not expect her actions.

Iris also withdrew her hand without the slightest hint of embarrassment or awkwardness.

Lance frowned. The uncomfortable feeling in his heart grew stronger.

He subconsciously looked at Yvette, but Yvette was

still chatting with Nicole as if she had not seen the scene earlier.

Lance slowly sighed in relief.

However, his gaze was sharp when he glanced at Iris. “Know your place.”

These words were considered harsh for Iris.

Iris’s expression changed. She seemed to be a little shaken.

However, the next second, she smiled decently, like a robot that had been trained countless times.

“I overstepped my bounds. This way, Mr. Sheldon…”

Lance stepped forward. He naturally could not neglect Nicole.

“Ms. Stanton, will you be riding with us or…?”

Nicole paused. “Let’s go together. My car can just follow from behind.”

Lance nodded and went up to open the door for her.

Nicole nodded with a smile and subconsciously pushed Yvette to get in the car first before following closely behind herself.

Iris, who was watching this scene, frowned.

In the past, no matter how much Lance favored Yvette, he would not open the door for her in public.

However, given Yvette’s natural look earlier, it was as if she did not care who had opened the door.

Nicole could naturally accept this treatment, but how was Yvette worthy?

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