The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1635

Iris opened her mouth but could not retort.

She could only resign herself to her unfavorable situation.

Iris lowered her eyes and hid the resentment in her heart.

There was silence in the car.

Even the driver did not dare to breathe loudly.

Nicole looked out the window and did not say anything, but she saw all this clearly.

Lance found out about the problem in time, so he was not too stupid.

Yvette paused and quickly nodded.

“ I was careless, Mr. Sheldon. It has nothing to do with others. The matter has already passed, and nothing went wrong. Ms. Stanton sent me clothes, didn’t she?”

Yvette looked at Nicole and raised her eyebrows so that Nicole would say a few words to brush the matter aside.

Lance wrinkled his brows and looked at Yvette with a stiff face.

Nicole did not let them down. She smiled and spoke in a lazy tone.

“Mr. Sheldon, the situation then was urgent. You should really look into it and find out what happened. Putting aside how the attendant didn’t show up, even the hotel room’s landline was disconnected. That’s just too coincidental. If Yvette didn’t find me in time, or if another man went over instead, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

As soon as Nicole spoke, the temperature in the car instantly plummeted.

Iris’s expression immediately became unsightly. “How could that be?!”

She blurted out.

Nicole’s gaze fell on Iris. It was completely devoid of the smile and familiarity Nicole had when she looked at Yvette.

Iris felt her scalp tingle. She endured the strong pressure and spoke up to redeem her loss of composure earlier.

“The owner of that resort is an old friend of Mr. Sheldon. How could anything happen to his employees?”

Iris forced a smile, but she could not keep it very natural at all.

Nicole would not bicker with Iris. After all, she was speaking to Lance.

Since Iris interrupted her, that meant she was guilty.

Lance naturally noticed it too.

He suddenly understood where this weird feeling came from.

Iris had always kept a low profile in the secretariat, but she turned out to be such a scheming person that she even fooled Hans.

It was evident that Iris would be an uncertain variable if she continued to stay.

After some consideration, Lance made a decision. No one spoke.

However, it was because no one was speaking that Iris completely panicked.

Her heart faltered, and she felt very uneasy.

She sat there on pins and needles. Beside her, Lance closed his eyes and stopped asking questions.

The two people in front also did not bring it up again.

Nicole looked out the window as if she did not care.

Yvette also lowered her head and played with her phone, not caring about the tense atmosphere in the car at all.

Iris had a bad feeling in her heart. This premonition was very strong.

When Hans left, Iris worked hard to let Lance see her value. She thought that she could take charge on her own and be highly valued and treated in a different light.

However, her plan had barely started. How could she already lose her head?

The car drove steadily until it came to a stop in front of the office.

The security guard at the entrance came to open the door. Before Iris could get out of the car, Lance already got out before her.

He stood there and straightened his suit, then turned back to wait for Nicole and Yvette.

Iris felt her legs go weak as soon as she landed on the ground.

However, no one cared.

Lance acted as if nothing happened and exchanged pleasantries with Nicole.

“Ms. Stanton, you haven’t been here before, right? Shall I give you a tour?”

His gaze fell on Yvette, then moved away gently.

Nicole smiled. “Mr. Sheldon, you’re such a busy man, so how could I disturb you? I was the one who dropped by unannounced, so I can’t disturb your work. I’ll just rest in a lounge to pass the time.”

Iris was just about to go up and answer when she was interrupted by Lance.

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