The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1636

Lance did not force Nicole and turned to Yvette to instruct her.

“Take Ms. Stanton to the lounge next to my office. Make sure to attend to her well.”

Yvette nodded her head solemnly. “Yes, Mr. Sheldon.”

She then glanced at Nicole and grinned.

The three of them got on the elevator together.

It was as if they had forgotten about Iris, who was behind them.

Iris stood there with a pale face, took a deep breath, and went upstairs from another staff elevator.

How could she be qualified to take the president’s exclusive elevator?

Back then, the Sheldon family had just expanded its business here, and their conditions were not as good as those of other large multinational corporations. Even the president did not have an exclusive elevator.

Iris remembered that in the past when she came to work, she always liked to come a little early and dawdle in the lobby, waiting for Lance to come on time so that she could pretend to meet him by chance and take the elevator upstairs together.

At that time, she was probably the happiest she had ever been.

When did Lance start to get another elevator installed?

A thought flashed in her head. Yes, it was around the time Yvette came.

Was it a coincidence?

Iris thought it was a coincidence at first. However, was it really?

Yvette did not talk about this and sometimes rode the staff elevator with them, but she could also be seen riding the exclusive elevator.

They thought that she was riding it secretly, but since she was from the secretariat, no one dared to expose her.

Iris was confused.

When Iris first applied at headquarters in the North Central branch to help with the expansion here, it was something no one expected.

However, it was her wishful thinking. Iris wanted to

help Lance a little more.

It was so Lance would notice her.

Iris thought that only she could help him even more.

Iris took a deep breath and walked out when the elevator arrived.

After just a few steps, a colleague called out to her.

“Iris, Mr. Sheldon was asking for you earlier. He told you to go to his office.”

Iris’s face froze. The bad feeling in her heart grew even stronger.

She smiled with a pale face. “Alright.”

Now, all she could do was pretend that everything was fine. Her mind was blank.

Walking to the door, Iris heard Yvette’s voice coming from inside the office before she could knock.

“Forget it. I don’t plan to pursue this matter, so you should drop it.”

Lance said, “This isn’t a small matter. Nicole is right. If she doesn’t leave, the consequences will be unimaginable. She doesn’t have any good intentions. She’ll just be a scourge if she stays in the company.”

Iris’s heart plummeted as if someone had crushed it.

Were they talking about her? Yes, they were.

When Yvette talked to Lance, she did not have the tone or respect a subordinate would have when they talked to their superior.

“It’s all in the past. Aren’t I perfectly fine now?”

Lance interrupted her very firmly. “That’s not an excuse. Preparing for a crime is also recognized as a crime itself. You can’t just sweep it under the rug just because nothing bad happened.”

“Lance…” Yvette was a little anxious. “It’s just a trivial matter. Why make a big deal out of it?”

Lance said, “I’ve already made my choice. You should save your breath.”

Yvette said, “Why can’t I get through to you?”

“Yvette, I’m doing this for you. If she can harm you once, she can do it a second and third time. Are you only going to face up to it when you’ve suffered a loss? Don’t you understand that prevention is better than cure?”

Lance’s tone was cold, firm, and slightly helpless.

Outside the door, Iris suddenly froze. She thought that she understood Lance very well.

However, she had never heard Lance speak in such a tone.

Lance had always been cold, rational, and ruthless. He was the same to everyone.

Why did he treat Yvette differently? That anger and helplessness, yet somewhat doting and gentle tone did not seem like it came from Lance.

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