The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1641

Yvette nodded in agreement.

Nicole smiled. “So, it’s normal that you don’t know these things. No one asked you to learn, and they’re things that the people below will finish handling before handing them over to you. If you know everything, what would you need them for?”

That was true.

Hearing Nicole’s words, Yvette instantly felt better.

Nicole lowered her head. “There’s no need to deliberately get on good terms with everyone. If a relationship is too good, it won’t be conducive to work, and you’ll have to take into account all kinds of favors. That’s exhausting!”

Yvette nodded heavily and looked at Nicole with fascination.

“Lil N, just let me follow you. I feel like working for you is much more useful than following Lance.”

Nicole laughed. “Sure. As long as Mr. Sheldon is okay with it, I’ll welcome you with open arms.”

Yvette sighed. “But my mom won’t agree. She wants me and Lance to improve our relationship, so she won’t give up these opportunities.”

Nicole said, “That’s good too. Mr. Sheldon has his own experience and methods. It’ll be good enough if you just learn a few of them. Don’t worry about interpersonal relations. In the workplace, the only interpersonal relations you have to worry about are the ones between you and customers. You don’t have to care about anyone else.”

If it were someone else, Nicole would never say that. This could all be valuable experience for Yvette.

Too much concern for interpersonal relations between colleagues would only reduce the efficiency of their progress.

Nicole finished eating the mochi and picked up a crepe cake. She pursed her lips but still could not help but take a bite. She suddenly felt like this was truly a wonderful afterno on.

Turning around, Nicole saw Yvette seriously taking notes on her phone.

Nicole looked at Yvette with a look of disappointment.

She looked so smart, but why was she so dumb when it came to proper business like this?

Yvette might as well put her attention on dessert.

Nicole squinted her eyes comfortably. “The coffee ran out. Is anyone going to refill it for me?”

Yvette immediately responded. “Right away!”

She reacted extremely quickly and got the freshly ground coffee. It was a completely different attitude from when she served her instant coffee just now!

Nicole was speechless.

Yvette’s ingratiating look was really infuriating.

It was almost evening, and Yvette would get off work soon.

Nicole remembered the party that Yvette lied about when they were at the resort.

She reminded Yvette, “You haven’t informed Ian and Julie yet!”

Yvette froze for a moment and hurriedly sent a message to the group.

[Ian Carter: I’m not going. Don’t even think about my baby!] [Julie Nixon: You’re insane. Who cares about a stupid rock?] [Ian Carter: Isn’t a certain someone already starting to say cynical remarks?] [Julie Nixon: Go to hell!] [Yvette Quimbey: Bring it along, or you’ll be kicked out of this group!] [Ian Carter: Fine! I’ll bring it along!] His teeth itched in anger.

Nicole laughed as she watched. Seeing that it was almost time, she took her bag and followed Yvette out.

Yvette lowered her head at her phone and did not see what was in front of her.

Unexpectedly, Lance was standing right there. She let out a grunt when she bumped into him.

Yvette raised her brows. “Watch where you’re going.”

The people who were about to get off work shivered. Their fear of Lance grew slightly.

Everyone was trembling with fear after seeing Iris being sent away for no reason.

They did not expect Yvette to dare to insult Lance too.

Yvette really had balls of steel.

Everyone was waiting to see how Lance would go crazy and teach Yvette a lesson, but he only smiled gently.

”Oops, I bumped into you by accident. Does it hurt?”

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