The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1658

Her excited mood was momentarily disrupted by his words.

She did not know how to answer him. Marry him?

Nicole had thought that the two of them would be together forever, but was she ready to go back into marriage?

It did not appear to be so. Clayton felt Nicole’s hesitation.

He slowed his pace and lifted her leg upward as he sighed and said,“ I might not win either, so don’t worry.”

Nicole paused for a moment before speaking weakly.

“We’ll always be together, but marriage…”

Clayton turned his head slightly to the side. Nicole could see his thick eyelashes and handsome smooth side profile as he piggy-backed her.

Hearing Nicole’s words, Clayton felt his face tense up for a moment before he laughed and said, “So, you just want to sleep with me and don’t want to take responsibility?”

Nicole lightly punched his back. That was the price of not watching his words.

“It’s your honor if I choose to sleep with you. Don’t push your luck!”

Clayton let out a light laugh.“ So, I should thank you?”

His voice was warm. Although the disappointment in his eyes was well hidden, Nicole could still sense that his mood was low.

At night, Clayton kissed Nicole’ s slender and soft neck. Unlike the countless times before, Clayton could not control his strength this time. Even when Nicole expressed her dissatisfaction, he did not let her go.

The whole night, he tossed her around in many different ways.

Nicole was so tired that she slept until afternoon the next day.

She felt sore all over and got up.

Nicole finally understood that she really did offend Clayton last night.

On the surface, Clayton said that he was not angry, but he could really hold a grudge.

Clayton would always find his own way to make up for it.

However, Nicole had no reason to be angry. Her behavior was indeed irresponsible.

Since she was at fault, she had nothing to say.

Nicole squinted and got up. She did not hear any movement outside. When she went out to take a look, the living room was very quiet.

Even the kitchen was empty.

Nicole went to the bathroom and took a bath before she came out feeling comfortable.

Since she was already late, she did not want to rush to the office to show her face.

It was Kai’s first day there, so he was probably making a huge fuss about it.

If she could avoid it, she would!

When Nicole got dressed and came out again, she still did not see Clayton around.

The whole house was empty. She suddenly felt like she was the only one left and unconsciously felt a little lonely.

Nicole froze for a moment. She was in a daze. This was the only time she was abandoned.

The light outside was tinted orange. Through the floor-to-ceiling window, it looked extraordinarily beautiful.

However, Nicole did not feel any warmth at all. She did not even have the mood to appreciate it and felt that it was tacky.

Nicole found her phone from under the bed and looked at several missed calls and messages.

Six were from Kai, who could not get through her phone, so he messaged her.

[It’s my first day at work and you dare to be late?!] [Hurry up and get your *ss to the office!]
[Why are you not at work???] [OMG! Don’t tell me that you’re still sleeping!]

There were two more documents and messages sent by Logan.

[Kai came to work and took Grant’s office for himself. He threw a lot of Grant ‘s things away, so Grant rushed over and scolded him. Kai has now moved to the small office next to your office…]

Nicole finished reading it and could not help but let out a light laugh.

Kai versus Grant — complete defeat!

Nicole scrolled through her phone, but there were n o missed calls or messages from Clayton.

She clicked on their chat box to look at it. She thought that she was mistaken, but there really was nothing.

Nicole could not help but feel a little strange.

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