The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1659

Nicole sat there and felt a little lost for no reason.

It turned out that the warmth that she was so accustomed to that was within reach would also disappear one day.

Nicole took a deep breath and tried to sweep away this gloomy mood, but to no avail.

When she looked up, she saw a sticky note on the bedside table.

It was Clayton’s nice handwriting that was fluid and powerful.

“There’s an emergency in Liberty, so I have to go on a last-minute business trip. I’ll be back in two days. — Clayton.”

Nicole blinked. Turns out Clayton went on a business trip.

However, that strange feeling in her heart did not ease one bit.

She did not know when he left or when he would arrive.

Nicole took her phone and hesitated for a moment before calling Clayton.

She could not get though since his phone was turned off.

It looked like Clayton’s flight had not landed yet.

Nicole paused and went to the dressing room to get changed. After she got dressed, she called the driver to send her to the office.

As soon as Nicole entered the office, she could feel an unusual energy in the air.

Eeryone was so enthusiastic like the day before a holiday. There was a kind of cautiosness, tension, and anticipation. The same feeling as waiting for the lottery to be unveiled.

Nicole went upstairs and finally understood where the feeling came from.

Kai stood there with his deadly charming face and his good figure developed from regular exercise. He was tall, lean, and was undoubtedly the focus of the crowd.

He leaned at one of the cubicles as he talked to a young lady, making her blush. She did not dare to look up at him because she was shy. There were also many employees around that secretly stared at Kai. They even took out their phones to take pictures.

“He’s too handsome!”

“This is the first time I see Kai in the office! Is he really President Grant’s brother? Their handsomeness is completely different. How can their genes be so amazing?”

“I think President Grant is too stern. I usually don’t dare to look up at him, but Kai is so down-to-earth! I still prefer Kai!”

“Me too! If Kai becomes our manager, I’ll willingly give my life to the company! It’ll be worth it even if I have to pay them to hire me!”

“Yeah! Kai is my god, and Nicole is my goddess! With them around, I will never leave this company!”

Nicole was speechless. She wrinkled her eyebrows and thought, ‘What a bunch of nymphomaniacs!’

She looked up to see Kai smiling so devilishly charming. He was clearly intending to be disruptive.

Nicole went through the crowd. Before she got there, she heard Kai laughing as he looked at the girl in front of him.

“You mentioned that the sushi place downstairs is good, huh? Then I’ll treat you later…”

The girl’s face was red, and she could not lift her head. She was so excited that she did not know what to say.

The surrounding female colleagues stared at them enviously.

Nicole smiled as she walked forward. She picked up the phone when she passed by Kai and laughed as she said, “Hello? Jules, you’re having sushi? Is it good?”

Kai’s face fiercely stiffened. Under everyone’s gaze, his face paled in an instant. He hurriedly followed Nicole.

“Who, who, who?! What is she eating? Why is she answering your call but not replying to my messages?”

Kai muttered and complained. He no longer cared to deliberately act cool and handsome as he was earlier.

Everyone was speechless.

What was wrong with Kai all of a sudden? It was like he took the wrong medication!

Nicole entered her office and immediately locked the door, refusing to let Kai in.

Kai quickly rapped on the door from outside.

“Lil N, let me in! Let’s talk properly. It’s my first day at work. Aren’t you gonna give me some respect? Am I even your brother?!”

Nicole looked at her phone that had a black screen and snorted lightly.

Kai’s IQ really had no improvement at all!

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