The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1661

When Nicole asked this question, she inexplicably felt a little sad.

She was thinking about something.

Julie said incoherently, “ Sort of… Coincidentally, this show is going on. Initially, I didn’t think of coming in person. After some thought, it’s better to be apart for a while. If I don’t leave, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’d probably break up with him in a fit of anger…”

Julie’s voice was low.

Although Nicole was Kai’s sister, the two of them were childhood best friends that knew each other’s secrets. Thus, they would not hide anything from each other.

Julie did not want to give up Kai, but she did not want to give up her career either.

After all, her career was Julie’s greatest backer, and Kai was not.

Julie did not know how to choose between these two.

The two people’s moods involuntarily became downcast as they talked.

Julie found a reason to hang up the phone.

Nicole looked at the blacked-out screen and froze.

Looking at the time, Nicole thought that Clayton should have gotten off the plane. Why didn’t he call her?

In the past, every time Clayton went on a business trip, he would always tell Nicole when he arrived, but this time…

Did he run away?

Nicole suddenly thought about this and felt a little strange.

How could she think that?

However, Clayton ‘s behavior since yesterday was just strange. Nicole could not ignore it even if she wanted to.

After some thought, Nicole stared at the name on her phone for a long time and clicked on it.

The process of waiting for Clayton to pick up was like frying her heart on a griddle. It was very torturous and unbearable.

During the long wait, Nicole thought that no one would answer the phone. At the last moment when

she was about to hang up, a familiar warm voice suddenly came through. “Hello?”

Nicole suddenly sighed with relief. Her heart settled down in an instant.

However, her mood instantly sank like a dip on a roller coaster ride.

“I just got up and found out that you went to

Liberty. What happened there?”

She deliberately made her voice as relaxed as possible, not wanting Clayton to hear her abnormality.

Clayton seemed to be in a rush like he was doing something.

“A few shareholders wanted to make a comeback and snatched away a lot of projects. The general manager over here can’t deal with them, so I came over to take a look.”

Nicole wrinkled her eyebrows. “Is it serious?”

Clayton paused. “It’s alright. I should be able to solve it. Don’t worry.”

Nicole said, “Okay then. If you need help, I’ll have someone go over there. You can take charge of the formalities.”

Clayton said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be solved soon.”

After the two of them talked, there was a moment of silence.

No one knew what to say next.

Nicole suddenly said, “What took you so long to answer the phone just now?”

After asking, Nicole suddenly had a hint of regret.

Clayton laughed. “My phone ran out of battery and automatically turned off. I just recharged it and received your call. Were you anxious?”

His tone was tinged with a bit of joy.

Nicole lightly snorted. “Who’s anxious? I just didn’t know what time it was when I woke up all of a sudden, so I called you.”

Clayton stifled a laugh and coughed.“ Okay then. What would you like me to bring back as a gift?

Makeup or clothes?”

Clayton was very thoughtful when it came to this.

At once, the gloom and displeasure in Nicole’s heart were swept away.


“Whatever?” Clayton was distressed. “That’s too difficult! You’re deliberately making it hard for me,


Nicole laughed.“ I didn’t make it difficult for you. Just do as you see fit!”

The couple chatted for a while and hung up the phone.

When Nicole looked up, she saw Kai standing in the doorway, looking furious.

Logan was so scared that his face went white. “P- President, he broke the door!”

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