The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1674

The two men shopped until the mall closed, and they carried many bags with them.

Roland felt that he had never been so attentive to his girlfriend before.

Now, a wave of guilt arose.

However, the guilt soon disappeared.

That was because Roland did not want to go through this again.

Clayton was satisfied and sent a video to Nicole.

“ I bought everything on your list except a limited-edition lipstick. They say that it’ll arrive tomorrow, so I’ll come back tomorrow to get it.”

Soon, Nicole replied with a thumbs-up emoji. Clayton instantly smiled with joy.

It was worth the pain and suffering! At night.

Clayton looked at some documents for a while and could not resist taking the initiative to contact Nicole.

Although they were not on great terms when he left on this business trip, after Nicole took the initiative to call him, the trace of gloom in Clayton‘s heart disappeared completely.

Clayton thought, ‘So what if we don’t get married? It’s also fine if we’re in a relationship forever. As long as she’s willing, why should I strongly demand anything? If she’s not willing to get married, it just means that I haven’t done enough. Then I should do better.’

The video call was connected.

Nicole was putting on a mask and looked at him without any expression.

“Everything okay over there?”

Clayton smiled and shook his head.“ Shouldn’t you ask if I’m okay?”

Nicole laughed. “Then are you okay?” “Not good.”

“How come?”

“Because I miss you too much, so I just feel down. I’ve lived here for more than twenty years, but when I came here today, I feel that the air here isn’t fresh anymore…”

Clayton honestly poured out his heart. He thought that he was such a great actor.

When Nicole heard this, she laughed and tore off her mask. Her face was glistening and smooth.

“Mr. Sloan, your position is not firm enough…”

Clayton bowed his head and laughed. He looked at the person in the video fondly.

“Baby, seeing as I’ve been running errands for you all afternoon at the mall, can I make a small request?”

Nicole graciously lifted her chin and reached out a finger to approve his request.

“What is it?”

Clayton‘s eyes darkened a little. “Do you want to take a bath?”

Nicole wrinkled her brows and did not respond for a moment.

“I’m just about to…”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly understood Clayton’s meaning.

At once, Nicole blushed, and she could not even seem to look straight at the person in the video.

“Y-You! Isn’t that too much?”

Clayton said, “But didn’t you just approve it?”

Nicole paused for a few seconds. Clayton was really going too far.

On the surface, he looked like an abstinent gentleman, but why was he so bold when it came to her?

Nicole could only say that Clayton was too good at pretending.

However, when she thought about all the warmth he gave her, she did not seem to reject his intimacy at all. They were both a great fit, spiritually and physically.

At that thought, Nicole no longer hesitated.

For the sake of his hard work, she had to reward him a little.

Anyway, he would only suffer more if he could only see her and could not touch her.

Nicole smiled sweetly at the camera. “Okay then, watch closely.”

She thought about it and took her phone to the bathroom.

It took two minutes to fill the tub. The bathroom was dense with fog, as if it was a mysterious pleasure.

Nicole stood there with her slippers and glanced toward the phone. She slowly took off her nightgown.

Neither of them spoke. The only sound was from the water trickling. It was enchanting and made their hearts beat faster.

Her glistening shoulders and fair skin were slowly revealed.

However, Nicole did not strip n*ked as Clayton wished. She covered part of her body and jumped into the bathtub.

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