The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1690

Eric Ferguson’s Uncle

Roland had not yet come to his senses when he received Clayton’s call, but he remembered that there was indeed such a matter.

A few years ago, various countries attached great importance to the medical industry, and they took the lead in investing in various specialties.

That naturally included cardiology.

Roland responded blankly, “Yes, but as you know, medical research and development is slow, and profits aren’t objective. Although you’ve been throwing money into it all these years, there are only a few times they were able to recover the capital…”

Even so, they could not give up halfway. This kind of investment was good news to all of mankind. It was an opportunity to make progress for the entire human race.

Clayton interrupted his report and immediately asked.

“Who spearheaded the team for cardiology research?”

Roland immediately recalled. “Professor Phillip? But he passed away a few days ago due to a car accident. The one who took over now is his apprentice, Felix Ferguson…”

He only had a simple understanding of these things. After all, they were just investors.

They would not intervene in who was in charge of the team.

Thus, the change of power and authority within the team was managed internally.

The investors were only interested in the projects and outcomes.

Clayton’s face changed a few times, and his tone became deep and unfamiliar.

“Felix is a member of the Ferguson family? He’s Eric Ferguson’s uncle, right?”

When Clayton first got the information about this team, he had a general understanding of the team’s structure.

Felix was Phillip’s assistant and had excellent abilities.

The other assistants were also quite good, but it was because of Felix’s family background that made an impression on Clayton.

Roland paused. “That’s right.”

Clayton’s memory was much better than Roland’s. However, at the mention of the Ferguson family, Roland instantly became vigilant.

Clayton said, “Go investigate something for me…”

In Floyd’s ward.

Floyd was hooked up to all kinds of tubes. In just one night, Floyd seemed to have lost a lot of hair, and he looked like he aged more than a decade.

Nicole was heartbroken at the sight and could not help but sob as she lay her head on his arm.

“Don’t cry, Lil N. Daddy’s fine.”

Floyd’s voice when he spoke was not as energetic as before. Nicole became even more heartbroken when she heard him.

She sobbed and looked up at her father with a firm gaze.

“Dad, or find you the best doctor. I’ll definitely cure you.” Floyd sighed with a look of resignation.

“I’ve already lived to this age, so it doesn’t matter. I thought that was it for me fifteen years ago, but I ended up living fifteen more years. That’s enough for me. You should try to accept that too.”

Nicole opened her mouth, but tears streamed down her face before she could speak.

Before she could say anything, the door behind opened, and Kai went over. He sat on Floyd’s hospital bed and sobbed.

“Dad… What other wishes do you have? I’ll definitely fulfill them for you. I’ll never make you angry again!”

Nicole looked at this scene and was instantly shocked speechless.

The next second, she saw Floyd‘s miserably pale face tinge red as if he was furious. His lips were trembling. If Floyd was not lying on the bed with Kai pressing down on his body, he would have swung his fist at Kai the next second.

“You little sh*t. Get out of here!”

Floyd gasped in anger, gritting his teeth and glaring at Kai. The cozy atmosphere from seeing Nicole came to an abrupt end with Kai’s presence.

Kai did not understand and looked up blankly. “Dad, at a time like this, you should stop scolding me. Lil N and I both love you the same. Even if you’re biased, I won’t get angry with you!”

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