The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1694

You’re the Only One In My Heart Nicole’s tense body abruptly relaxed, and her eyes reddened.

Clayton tucked his chin against her neck and gently stroked her hair. He sighed softly.

“What should I do with you?”

There was not even a trace of anger in his voice. It was only filled with helplessness.

Nicole came back to her senses and hugged Clayton tightly, burying herself in his arms and sobbing silently.

A long time passed.

Clayton’s voice was calm. “Are you really going?”

Nicole still nodded.

He paused. “Alright, I’ll go with you. Is his flight tomorrow?”

Nicole paused for a second and nodded. “You…”

Clayton pinched her ear and chuckled.

“I have to pick up a friend at the airport, so it’s on the way.”

Nicole hugged him tightly again, as if her heart could only find true peace with him.

Clayton’s gaze deepened slightly, and the corners of his lips sank for a moment.

Clayton thought, ‘Does Eric Ferguson really think that he still has a chance? Ridiculous!’

At that moment, someone pushed the door in.

Kai did not expect to see this scene and covered his eyes with shock.

“It’s broad daylight! Are you two that inseparable?”

Nicole and Clayton parted awkwardly. They were just hugging each other, but Kai misunderstood the situation. Kai really needed a beating.

Nicole n aturally let out a cold snort.

“At least that’s better than a certain someone who clearly has a girlfriend yet lives as if he’s still single.”

Yes, she was mocking Kai.

Sure enough, Kai’s face changed dramatically and became indescribable. He pointed at her and yelled.

“Are you really my sister?!”

Was it that fun to poke him where it hurts?

“Of course!”

Kai’s face became livid, and he turned to leave. He wanted to gag at the sight of this public

display of affection!

A relaxed smile surfaced on Clayton’s face.

“Only you can defeat Kai like that. If it were anyone else, he definitely wouldn’t take it lying down.”

Kai was a little tyrant everywhere he went, except in front of Nicole.

Nicole smiled and looked up at Clayton. When she remembered how Clayton left earlier, her heart suddenly clenched.

“Were you very angry just now?”

Clayton’s smile faded slightly. He looked down at her as if he wanted to engulf her into his eyes.


Clayton admitted frankly. How could he not be angry?

Eric was obviously taking advantage of the situation, but Nicole actually agreed to it?

However, after thinking about it, what did she do wrong?

Was Nicole supposed to abandon Floyd and decisively reject Eric’s conditions?

In that case, Nicole would never be happy again for the rest of her life.

Nicole lowered her eyes and looked somewhat lost. “Then why did you come back again?”

She was really happy that he came back.

Clayton sat to the side and pulled her onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist. There was a hint of grievance in his tone.

“Because I waited outside for more than a minute, but you never came out to coax me, so I had to come back and console myself.”

Nicole raised her eyes in surprise. He had been waiting for her to chase after him?

Coax him?

“Eric already wronged vou. If I add insult to injury, you’ll just casually dump me in the future, right?”

Clayton’s voice was low as he laughed and continued, “But I won’t give you that chance.”

Nicole suddenly turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning over and kissing his ear.

“Clayton, why are you so nice to me?”

The iciness in her voice finally thawed. She felt warm and dependent now.

Clayton paused for a second and wrapped his arms around her as well.

“I am nice, but you’re still not willing to marry me. What’s the use of me being nice then?”

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