The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1702

It Was Nothing Much

Elio’s words completely reassured Nicole.

His casual attitude made people feel like this was not a major operation and was something easy. It made Nicole relax all of a sudden.

Indeed, to Elio, this was not a big deal.

If not for Clayton’s introduction, Nicole would not believe that this unassuming young man actually had such deep knowledge and mastery.

The atmosphere in the car was light and relaxed until they arrived at the hospital. Elio did not mention any additional conditions such as rest and went directly to the ward to ask for Floyd’s test reports in the past few days.

Elio did not spare any data from the examination.

Director Sven did not recognize Elio at first. However, seeing the way Elio devoted himself so seriously, Clayton pulled Elio to the side to introduce him.

“This is Professor Phillip’s junior, Professor Elio Cosenza.”

Director Sven froze. The next second, he suddenly stood up straight, startling everyone.

“You’re Elio Cosenza?!”

Elio nodded calmly and looked down again to continue reading the report.

Director Sven’s face changed slightly, and he asked quietly, “Y-You’re really Professor Elio Cosenza?”

Nicole could not help but be confused at Director Sven’s reaction.

Where did Director Sven’s respectful and cautious look come from?

Was Elio that amazing?

Elio smiled. “I am. You don’t have to be so polite. Let me understand the situation first before making further plans.”

Director Sven’s mouth gaped open in shock, but he did not make another sound for fear of disturbing Elio.

He carefully retreated and left the office before slowly letting out a breath.

Director Sven looked at the bewildered Nicole and the smiling Clayton then shook his head.

He gave Nicole a thumbs up.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re really remarkable to be able to invite him over…”

Nicole blinked and looked at Clayton.

“Is Elio that amazing?”

Director Sven clicked his tongue and slapped his thigh. “He’s not just amazing. He’s simply legendary!”

Nicole was even more puzzled. She was just excited because Elio was Phillip’s junior who had participated in Floyd’s surgery fifteen years ago, so the chances of success would be higher.

She did not know of Elio’s past.

Director Sven introduced Elio excitedly.

“Elio is a legend in the medical world! He ventured into the field of medicine and surgery and i s considered one of the best there is, especially when it comes to surgical cases. He specializes in research and has published world-class papers. Almost every paper he wrote became models in the medical community. Every progress he makes is the progress of the entire industry. With him around, never mind curing your father’s disease, Chairman Stanton might even be able to live forever!”

Director Sven spoke with a flush as if he just met his idol. He was completely different from his usual self.

Nicole could not help but laugh. “Is he that great?”

Director Sven glared at her and looked at Clayton.

“You invited him, right, Mr. Sloan? If you could’ve invited Professor Elio here, what was the point of looking for Felix Ferguson? Let me tell you. Elio is like the Stephen Hawking of the medical world, and in comparison, Felix is just a small doctor in a third-rate clinic at best.

They’re simply worlds apart!” Nicole’s eyes widened in surprise. That analogy was shocking.

However, Director Sven did not look like he was exaggerating at all.

Clayton smiled faintly without complimenting or belittling.

‘Elio is indeed a genius. It’s just that I was worried he wouldn’t be able to make it back in time, so I didn’t say anything at first. When I got my people to ask around, they found out that he was in Hong Kong, so I immediately invited him over…”

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