The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1708

Not long after, Director Sven brought some doctors over for a routine examination and drove them all away

“Chairman Stanton, you’re really blessed. Your sons and daughter are all successful, your daughter-in-law is filial, and your son-in-law is also so obedient and capable. How did you get such luck?”

Floyd cooperated with the examination and smiled with satisfaction.

“Is that so? Aren’t you envious?”

“Yeah! It’s all thanks to your son-in-law that you managed to get through this.”

Floyd’s eyes widened. “Oh?”

Director Sven excitedly told Floyd the full story. When Sven mentioned Elio Cosenza, his eyes were filled with so much admiration and respect that could not be hidden.

However, Floyd’s focus was on Clayton. He finally felt like Clayton was dependable.

Floyd recalled that when Clayton came into the ward, Clayton behaved in a way that was justified, without the slightest intention of using this to show off or take credit. Suddenly, Floyd saw Clayton in a new light.

In the past, Floyd was always afraid that Nicole would be hurt and asked her not to have true feelings for others.

With the Stanton family’s condition, they did not care even if Nicole did not marry anyone in her life. After all, they did not need a marriage alliance to consolidate their power.

However, Floyd could not bear to see Nicole alone.

Thus, it was best if she could find someone to keep her company and make her happy.

Since Clayton showed up, the Stantons observed him for a long time. It would be easier to pick a fault if Clayton had a motive, but he did not. Clayton simply wanted to be with Nicole

It was unexpected that Clayton saved Floyd’s life. Director Sven finished his examination but did not leave. He looked at Floyd and sighed.

“Floyd, old buddy… You have to live well to enjoy all your blessings…”

Floyd smiled. “Okay…”

Time passed day by day.

Floyd stayed in the hospital for more than a month until he was fully recovered. His spirits also improved by the day.

Grant and Kai took turns to visit Floyd. Grant would talk about the company’s development while Kai was purely there to provoke Floyd.

Every time Kai came over, he had to make a lot of noise before he would leave.

However, everyone in the hospital liked Kai and thought that Kai was a filial son.

When Nicole heard this rumor, she could not believe it for a while. She thought that Kai had colluded with others to spread these rumors about him.

Nicole recently had a bad stomach. She would sometimes have a good appetite, but sometimes she would vomit after a few bites.

Yvette said that it was because Nicole was too stressed out with Floyd’s illness and that Nicole would probably recover in a few days.

Clayton went to the hospital every day and accompanied Nicole sometimes.

When Nicole was busy, Clayton would go by himself and sit for a while to accompany Floyd. They would talk about domestic and international news, and Clayton would ask for advice on tricky business problems.

Floyd was glad to advise Clayton and felt that Clayton was a good and progressive child. His impression of Clayton also improved by the day, and he saw Clayton as his own son.

Nicole did not manage to attend Yvette’s wedding and felt sorry for her, so she sent Yvette a set of valuable jewelry. Yvette was happy that she immediately forgot about all the unhappiness.

Thus, Yvette invited Nicole to dinner and a shopping spree. Nicole also felt that she had been holding back for a long time, so she immediately agreed. They also invited Julie.

Clayton went out with Nicole. While Nicole went shopping, he went to the hospital. The division of labor was clear.

Nicole sighed. “I think you’re more like my father’s son. Now when he calls me, he even asks me to be nice to you! Did you hypnotize him?”

Clayton’s eyes lit up with joy. “That’s great! You have to listen to your father!”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him and strutted away on her high heels.

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