The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1723

Clayton and Nicole arrived at the office.

Nicole waved her hand at Clayton and went into the lobby happily.

Clayton looked at her back for a long time and sighed when he saw the beautiful pair of high heels she was wearing.

He did not want to seem too worked up, but he was still anxious.

As soon as Nicole went into the office, Logan looked like he had seen a savior. As usual, he brewed her a cup of coffee and came in.

“Ms. Stanton, Young Master Kai is nowhere to be found. He still has a few meetings to attend i n the afternoon…”

Nicole looked at the coffee and did not touch it.

“I’ll attend the meeting. Kai’s in the hospital visiting my father.”

Logan nodded. “Chairman Stanton hasn’t been discharged from the hospital?”

Nicole smiled. “He’s discharged, but he has a checkup today that’s more tedious, so he’ll just stay there for the night.”

Logan breathed a sigh of relief. “Some colleagues bought these pastries. I left you a piece of your favorite coffee hazelnut tart. Should I bring it over to you?”

Nicole pursed her lips and shook her head with great difficulty.

After some thought, she beckoned to Logan, who hurriedly came forward.

“I can’t eat these. I’m pregnant. Don’t tell anyone…”

Logan’s body stiffened. He slowly straightened up.

What kind of shocking secret did he just hear?

Nicole did not intend to tell Logan, but he was her assistant and would need to take special care of her in terms of her work and daily life. Thus, it was fine to tell him.

Logan nodded solemnly, determined to keep the secret.

Nicole asked a few questions about the focus of the meeting and let him leave.

Before Logan left, he did not forget to take away the cup of brewed coffee that was placed on Nicole’s desk.

Not long after, the meeting was about to start.

Nicole walked in her high heels out the door, intending to go to the conference room when she heard the assistant on the side saying, “Mr. Sloan, Ms. Stanton is about to go to a meeting…”

Nicole’s attention was drawn over. She saw Clayton’s tall figure and handsome face as he walked over with a bag in his hand.

Clayton walked closer and smiled.

“I know, it’ll just be a few minutes.”

The colleagues on the side watched on enviously. Clayton did not show up often in the office, but every time he appeared, he would be the center of the conversation.

His capabilities, background, and personality were too attractive.

There were more people inside and outside the office shipping Clayton and Nicole compared t o Eric and Nicole.

Thus, as soon as Clayton showed up in the office, the whole office secretly started to whisper.

Logan also came out of the conference room, ready to go over to greet Nicole.

As a result, he saw this scene.

Clayton walked over to Nicole with a smile, then knelt on one knee in front of her and took out a pair of beautiful flats.


Everyone’s attention was on that pair of limited-edition CHELN flats. It was the kind that only members could buy. It was simply too exquisite!

Clayton put the shoes on the ground, raised his eyes to look at Clayton, and said with a smile,“ Didn’t you say that you were a little tired of wearing high heels? Try this pair…”

Nicole subconsciously froze for a few seconds. She thought, ‘When did I say that I’m tired of wearing high heels? Every time I wear my stilettos, I feel energized and ready for battle!’

However, Clayton still kept the same pose and gave her enough respect and time to react.

Nicole subconsciously pursed her lips. Then, she slightly raised her foot. Clayton smiled and changed her shoes. His action was very fluid and natural, without the slightest trace of artifice.

It simply made everyone’s jaw drop.

Look, even the wealthy Clayton Sloan would kneel and change shoes for Nicole. What right did other men have to be pretentious?

Clayton was simply a role model that all men should learn from!

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