The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1724

Clayton lowered his eyes and looked serious as he put on Nicole’s shoes. He then kept her high heels in the bag and picked the bag up casually with a smile on his face.

“Go on then, I’ll come and pick you up after work.”

Nicole looked at Clayton’s handsome and gentle face and blushed even more.

She clearly knew that her rumors could not be erased in the office.

Under Clayton’s gaze, her heart beat faster for a moment. She did not know how to cope with this little episode.

Nicole froze and nodded, then turned around stiffly and ran away with a flushed face.

She went into the conference room.

The people in the conference room had long since arrived. When Nicole entered, they all looked at her.

Nicole paused, sat down at the head of the table, glanced at Logan, who followed her in, and nodded.

Logan said, “Let’s begin.”

Nicole finally calmed down and was immersed in the meeting.

After the meeting, she went back to her office.

She saw her phone that was exploding with messages.

It was because of the news she had announced earlier in the group chat.

Nicole saw that there were already 99+ unread messages.

[Yvette Quimbey: I told you, I can’t be wrong! It’s so obvious that you’re pregnant!]

(Julie Nixon: Congratulations! You have to rest more now that you’re pregnant!)

(Yvette Quimbey: When is Clayton proposing? When’s your wedding? You better not get married when your belly is big! It’ll look so bad!)

(Julie Nixon: Agreed!)

Ian appeared out of nowhere.

[Ian Carter: WHAT?!! What did I miss?]

(Ian Carter: When did you guys meet up? And why wasn’t I invited?!)

(Ian Carter: HELLOOO! Am I still your best friend?? Why are you guys ignoring me?!)

(Ian Carter: Who’s pregnant?! Nicole????)

(Ian Carter: Is this true? @NicoleStanton)

lan sent a series of messages, which pushed Yvette and Julie’s messages to the top.

He could not accept the shocking news for a moment and could not believe his eyes.

[Ian Carter: Nononononono! This must be a joke! @NicoleStanton Come out and clarify this now!!!!)

[Ian Carter: I’m still waiting for you and Clayton to break up. If you get married, how will I be able to swoop in to mend your broken heart? @NicoleStanton]
[Ian Carter: It’s not too late for you to dump him! @NicoleStanton] [Yvette Quimbey: Should we kick him out?]

(Julie Nixon: Private message?)

[Ian Carter: How can you guys do this to me?!)

Nicole looked at their messages and was speechless. She could not help it anymore, so she replied.

[Nicole Stanton: Can you guys please calm down?

They were too excited!

Nicole put down the phone and looked at the shoes that she was wearing. Although she did not like to wear flats at work, this pair of flats were really beautiful. It also matched her outfit extraordinarily well.

Clayton’s taste had always been great.

After a while.

Julie messaged Nicole privately.

(What did Clayton say? Is your family already aware of this?]

Nicole knew that Julie really cared about her. That was why she was concerned.

(Yeah, they know. We’ll push up the wedding.)

Julie smiled and replied. (That’s good.]

Nicole typed. (My third brother is so envious. Jules, you guys gotta catch up!)

Julie sent an emoji and refused to reply.

It was the end of the workday. Nicole had not decided if she wanted to stay for a while to work overtime when she received a message from Clayton.

(Come downstairs. Or should I go upstairs and pick you up?)

Nicole looked at the time. Clayton was not even a minute late.

When did he ever get off work on time?

To avoid causing another commotion, Nicole obediently got off work.

Logan watched Nicole come out of the office and immediately went over to get the elevator for


“President, be careful…”

Seeing Logan’s ingratiating look, the new employees felt like they had learned something.

Otherwise, how could Logan become the number one assistant in the office?

Nicole smiled and waved her hand.

“You guys shouldn’t work too late. Go home early, alright?” “Thanks for your concern, President!”

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