The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1727

Seeing Nicole’s surprised face, Clayton smiled with his eyes.

“I know that this might be a little rushed, but I’ve been thinking about this moment for a long, long time. From the time we first started dating, I’ve already been thinking about what kind of method I should use to propose to you that would seem less cheesy…”

Nicole’s body stiffened slightly. She looked at him, pretending to be calm.

“So, you figured it out?”

Clayton shook his head.

“No, but I can’t wait any longer. I’ll think about it slowly after I’m done proposing, okay?”

His attitude was sincere, and he did not look like he was lying.

Nicole could not help but take a look outside.

Those light blue letters were still in front of her eyes. They looked like stars falling in the quiet night and were indescribably beautiful.

Nicole never dreamed that she would one day be touched by something so tacky and simple.

Clayton saw that she did not speak and felt like his heart was about to leap out of his throat.

“In fact, the flowers and ring are in the car on the way home. I also prepared a surprise at the French restaurant. Even before entering the door, I arranged for flower petals and candles…”

Nicole looked at him in amazement.

She did not notice a thing.

Clayton smiled. “I didn’t want to seem so shallow to fool you with those, but I also think that you should experience what others have experienced, whether it’s romantic or tacky… But I was really worried that you wouldn’t like it, so…”

He paused and raised his eyes to look at her.

“Now, the proposal outside is my last surprise. I hope that you’ll like it.” Nicole pursed her lips and clenched her hand that was wearing the ring.

She smiled and said, “Mm, I love it.”

Although there were no flowers, Nicole did not feel regretful.

Every falling meteor outside was like a celebration of her wish that would eventually come true.

Clayton’s eyes reflected Nicole’s smiling face. His tight muscles all over his body finally relaxed.

Nicole looked at the ring on her finger. The pink diamond was very large and delicate.

She always disliked big diamonds since they were the style of parvenus who were afraid that others did not know they were rich.

However, a diamond that was too small would make her seem like a miser.

This diamond was very beautiful at first glance. It was crystal clear, ethereal, and stunning, with a halo design. The center pink diamond piece was accentuated with a few small diamonds around it.

It was gorgeous but exquisite, which was different from Clayton’s usual style since it was quite flashy

Nicole knew at first glance that the centerpiece diamond was rare and valuable. It was not a polished diamond. Instead, it was a diamond ring specially designed from a raw diamond that was unique in the world.

Clayton stood up and reached out to pull Nicole into his arms. He was careful like he was holding a precious treasure.

“It feels so surreal. I was so apprehensive this whole afternoon at your office lobby before I dared to do this… I didn’t expect you to just agree like this…”

Nicole blinked. She had clearly hinted before that she would marry him, but he was the one who politely refused because of his nationality issue. Did he have some sort of comprehension problem?

She pushed him away and was obviously more interested in what was out there.

“What are those? Meteor shower? Drones? Or is it something else? Is it a 3D projection?” Clayton rubbed his temples helplessly and looked at the scene outside. He laughed and said, “These aren’t drones. It’s a new development in J&L Corporation’s R&D department. It can be applied in any environment.”

“What do you mean?”

Clayton patiently explained.

“It’s a reaction that happens when a special element is added to fog, which allows the fog to take on a specific color as specified before evaporating. The evaporation process will create the illusion of a meteor shower. But instead of falling, it’s actually going upward.”

“But those letters didn’t move at all.”

Nicole pointed to the letters that read, “Marry me”, as she asked.

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