The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1728

Clayton looked at it and smiled. “That’s because there’s a fixed amount of condensing agent that can keep the fog at a sufficient concentration level for a fixed period of time.”

Clayton finished explaining and sighed as he hugged Nicole.

“I’m proposing to you. I’m not trying to teach you how this science works. Can’t you focus on what’s important here?”

Nicole could not help but let out a laugh. She turned around to hug him back.

“Thank you. I love it. As long as the diamond ring is big enough, the ceremony isn’t important. After all, the thought is in the diamond ring!”

Nicole reassured Clayton that the evening had been a success, especially that meteor shower,

which was very stunning.

Such an unprecedented proposal was enough to make her happy.

Clayton hugged her and chuckled.

“Had I known that’s your request, I would’ve gotten you a bigger one!”

Nicole said, “This is good enough. If it’s any bigger, I won’t be able to wear it!”

Clayton was speechless.

The two of them kissed and went to the bedroom. When Nicole fell on the bed, she saw the


She paused and looked at Clayton in amazement.

There’s more?

Clayton helplessly touched his nose. “We can’t lack flowers in a proposal, right?”

Nicole looked at the roses that occupied almost the entire bed and nodded. “It’s definitely not lacking…”

There were probably 999 fresh small roses here.

Clayton blushed as he carried the roses outside. When he came back in, Nicole had already gone to the bathroom to wash up.

He smiled and sighed.

Tonight was really full of surprises.

The good thing was that it was enough of a surprise.

Clayton recalled what Floyd said. “You can have your desire, but my daughter must get

everything that she should. I don’t want her to regret the lack of formality and ritual when she talks about her wedding with her friends.”

Floyd forgave Clayton’s recklessness but demanded that Clayton go through every proper ritual with Nicole, including a proposal, engagement, and wedding.

This meant that Clayton had to do it all in a limited amount of time because he did not want the baby’s growth to affect Nicole’s mood to wear a wedding gown.

The good thing was that it was not exactly rushed since Clayton had been thinking about this day for a long time.

It was a calm night. Since Nicole was pregnant, Clayton did not dare to do anything and only kissed and hugged her to satisfy his desires.

In the meantime, the entire internet was looking for the person who proposed with a meteor shower.

The netizens were in a frenzy the whole night.

(OMG! This is probably the most romantic scene of the 21st century!)

[I must say that I’m really envious! Whoever did this, please let me worship you!)

(Are those drones? This has to cost tens of millions of dollars, right?] [I heard that a rich kid was proposing to his girlfriend with this meteor shower! Now the whole world can use this as their own proposal. Thanks, Big Boss!!] [To be honest, I’m awestruck even as a man. I really thought that it was a light blue meteor shower, but those blue lights fell and disappeared mid-air. It doesn’t even look like a 3D projection. I’m begging whoever did this to tell us what it is!)

[They’re not drones because this is within the flight path, so air traffic control wouldn’t allow so many drones in the area. But it’s so amazing! I thought that an intergalactic war was about to begin!]

(Which god came to Earth…?]

Early morning.

Nicole was awakened by her phone ringing.

She picked it up. Without a doubt, it was Nicole’s number one beauty sleep interrupter – Miss Yvette Quimbey.

“Nicole! Have you seen the news online? I don’t know who proposed… But a meteor shower! OMG! It’s not even drones or a projection! It’s a freaking meteor shower!”

Nicole gradually woke up because of Yvette’s excitement.

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