The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1732

Clayton had some mixed feelings. He did not expect that he was so vulnerable in the eyes of others, especially to Nicole and her best friend.

He was going bankrupt?

Clayton’s gaze was cold as he looked at Roland next to him.

“Help me do something…”

At night.

Nicole took a shower and was enjoying her skincare routine. Although she could not use cosmetics that were too stimulating during pregnancy, she deliberately got someone to get some cosmetics for her skin type that were suitable for use during pregnancy.

Thus, her skincare routine had not fallen behind at all.

Clayton was busy in the study, so Nicole did not bother him.

She was in a daze when she heard the sound of the doorbell outside, followed by the sound of the door closing.

A minute later.

Clayton arrived in front of her with a thick bag of documents.

Nicole blinked her eyes in confusion.

It was already so late. Why was he so serious?

Clayton pursed his lips. “It’s a gift for you.”

Nicole smiled and reached out.

Great! Her favorite thing was receiving gifts.

Clayton handed over the document bag in his hand.

Nicole did not understand what he meant. “What’s this?”

“Open it and take a look.”

Clayton loosened his collar and smiled, looking very handsome.

It was a rare sight.

Nicole opened the document bag and looked at the thick pile of documents in it. Her gaze fell o n the top of the first page.

At once, her smile faintly froze in shock

“This is…

Clayton said, “These are all the assets that I asked Roland to sort out for me. All the movable property, real estate, funds, stock, and investment projects are here. I think that, as my wife. you should know about these.”

Nicole’s hands trembled and she almost dropped the things in her hands.

However, Clayton’s hand was firmly underneath hers. He looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

There seemed to be a hint of playfulness and expectation in his eyes.

Nicole’s heart trembled slightly as she blinked her eyes, seemingly a little guilty.

She had just discussed Clayton’s wealth with Yvette today, and he brought everything over now?

It was as if he overheard their conversation.

There was a sudden panic in her heart.

However, after the panic, she was left with surprise.

Clayton was involved in several world-famous big projects and was even the person in charge of those projects.

Just this money alone was enough for her to buy a dozen private islands.

Nicole took a cursory glance at the funds, stocks, real estate, and bank balances. She felt a little dazzled.

A thought suddenly flashed in her mind.

If they got divorced, she would get a good share of the money. She was the one who would get the better end of the deal!

Nicole slowly looked up at him and felt a little nervous.

“Why are you showing me this?”

Clayton smiled and said, “Babe, I’m very rich and won’t go bankrupt for a while. So, don’t worry about my fortune and just swipe my card!” Nicole pursed her lips. “Oh, of course, I trust you. But this is so sudden!”

Clayton cupped her face. His eyes reflected her expression.

“Then from now on, remember to use my card, okay?”

His deep voice was like a cello brushing the tip of her heart, luring her into his world in an instant.

Nicole could not refuse at all.

She did not need to refuse either.


Nicole smiled. Her eyes were delighted.

Compared to Yvette deliberately squandering money to keep her marriage going, Nicole liked i t when people took the initiative to give her money and beg her to spend it.

It felt completely different!

Nicole held the pile of documents, sighed, and looked at him excitedly.

“Hurry up and put these in the safe. Don’t lose them!”

After all, these things were confidential to the outside world. If someone found out about it, it would be the same as finding out his weakness, and they could take advantage of it.

Clayton smiled casually. “It’s up to you. They’re all yours, anyway.”

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