The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1745

The male employee was shocked by Yvette’s attitude. To be precise, he was scared to death.

He did not dare to say anything else and went back to his workstation.

Yvette was not someone to be messed with.

Yvette’s temper was even worse than Hans’!

Yvette was also Mrs. Sheldon.

She did not hold back her temper at all and kicked open the door to Lance’s office.

Lance was currently having a video conference.

He glanced at Yvette, who was angry for some reason, and frowned slightly. Then, Lance silently turned his gaze back to the conference.

Fortunately, the meeting had come to an end, so he hung up the call after saying a few words.

Then, Lance rubbed his temples. He could not be distracted or relaxed during a high-intensity meeting. Otherwise, people would see and magnify it several times.

However, Lance quickly gathered his mood, raised his eyes, and smiled.

The next second, Yvette slammed the coffee in her hand on his desk.

A few drops of coffee splattered out and landed on the neat stack of paper beside it.

Lance’s eyes dimmed with slight bewilderment.

“Did something happen?”

Yvette gave him a fake smile. “Nope.”

Lance said, “You don’t have enough money to spend?”

Yvette took a deep breath. “I do.”

Lance said, “You want to leave work early?”

Yvette replied, “Not really.”

Lance said, “You have a shopping date with Ms. Stanton?”

Yvette took a deep breath. It was clear that she was at the limits of her patience.


Was she such a loser in his eyes?

Lance looked puzzled. “Then…”

Yvette smiled. “I heard that you don’t want to drink coffee, but tea?”

Lance paused. He stared at the coffee cup in front of him for a moment.

“Just because of this?”

Lance was innocent.

Was it wrong for him to want to drink tea?

Why were women so irrational?

If Yvette did not say it directly, he would not, for the life of him, be able to guess that she was angry because of this.

Lance chuckled and leaned back on the chair, slightly lazy and casual.

“Do you have a problem with green tea?”

Yvette pursed her lips, crossed her arms, and negotiated with him with a very sensible look.

“I don’t have a problem with green tea, but when I brought it in earlier, you were the one who sai you wanted coffee. Now you change your mind and say you want green tea instead? Can you confirm your orders before telling me what to do? Do you think that your secretary is your nanny Am I just here to make coffee or tea for you? Should I wash your feet later too?”

Yvette finished in one breath, feeling that her temperament was very on point.

However, Lance laughed. “You can if you want.”

He reached out to take her hand, only to be shaken off.

Lance stiffened for a moment. He stared at her before looking at her seriously.

“Alright, it’s my fault. I won’t drink tea. I’ll just have the coffee.”

It was obviously not his fault, but he bowed down first.

If Hans was here instead, Lance would have splashed the cup of coffee on his face and thrown the dismissal letter at him.

However, since it was Yvette, she was much more fortunate.

Yvette was the only one who could make Lance say that he should not drink tea.

Lance picked up the coffee on the table, took a sip in front of her, then looked up at her.


Yvette suddenly felt powerless like she had just punched cotton, making Lance laugh at her for making a fuss.

This kind of awkwardness came from the fact that they did not have a solid emotional foundation.

Everything was based on interests and suitability.

Due to that, Yvette could not bring herself to ask for what she wanted.

If she asked for a higher position, it would be like taking food from someone else’s mouth.

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