The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1747

Then, Lance devoted himself to his work until the end of the day.

It was not really working overtime as he was just correcting a few figures with the other party because of a minor problem with the contract.

After hanging up the phone, it was already late. However, it was still very early for Lance the workaholic.

It was early enough to book a restaurant in advance to prepare a surprise.

Thus, Lance was very excited when he opened the door and went out. However, the moment he went out, he looked at the bright and empty space and froze.

No one was there.

This was something that had never happened before.

Where was everyone?

Lance frowned and felt very strange.

Even if no one was working overtime, there would still be at least one person around, right?

Besides, Lance had not gotten off work yet, but his assistant and secretary got off work first?

Was this a joke?

Lance’s eyes grew slightly sullen.

He immediately called Yvette.

She was not here either.

The phone rang several times, but no one answered.

Lance hung up the phone and called the other assistant.

Fortunately, the assistant picked up in a few rings.

“Mr. Sheldon?”

Lance’s voice was clear and cold. “Where are you guys?”

The other party was silent for a few seconds.

“Mr. Sheldon, Ms. Quimbey invited us to karaoke as soon as we‘re done with work. We’re all here now…”

Lance was silent again.

“So, you all went for karaoke?”

It was not a team-building event or an annual party. It was also not some special holiday, but they were dragged out for karaoke?

What about work?

Lance’s tone was tinged with a hint of coldness.

“Where are you?”

The other party immediately gave him an address, and Lance’s brows shot up.

It was Yvette’s old turf. She loved calling her friends there to sing.

The reason was that it was a great place with a lot of privacy.

Lance usually paid for the karaoke when they went team building. He did not care about that bit of money, but in order for everyone not to feel like there was a huge sense of distance, Hans would usually book an ordinary club and invite the colleagues over.

Lance just needed to show up.

Although Lance did not have a problem with Yvette inviting their colleagues to the club for karaoke so generously, he felt like her move was a little over the line.

If she invited so many people, why did she not invite him?

She even left him behind.

Lance rubbed his temples helplessly and could only take his car keys, then drove to the club.

When he went in, the people at the club recognized him.

After all, people who often had parties here would naturally look familiar.

“Mr. Sheldon, would you like to book a room?”

Lance pursed his lips and waved his hand. “No need. I’m looking for someone.”

Then, he went up the elevator, refusing the service of the attendants.

When he reached the door of the private room, he suddenly felt a little nervous.

Inexplicably, his hand that was on the door paused for a second before finally pushing it open.

Inside, the lights were dazzling. Screams overlapped each other until it was impossible to identify who was who. No one paid attention to Lance’s arrival.

Lance stood there, immersed in the darkness. The lights streaked and the sound boomed.

He pressed on without any sense of presence.

Soon, he looked at the focal point, and his brows knitted slightly.

Yvette was in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by everyone. She held the microphone grandly and hysterically sang an unintelligible rap. Everyone clapped to the melody, as if singing praisest o her.

“He has dark eyes that stare at the world all day. If he’s dissatisfied, he’ll make the whole world collapse. Who is this man?! He’s—”

When Yvette sang to the end, she suddenly stopped and twirled the microphone in front of her eyes. Everyone unanimously yelled out a name.

“Lance Sheldon-“

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