The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1756

Nicole heard the complaint in Yvette’s words and did not make a sound.

Everyone knew that Yvette working at Lance’s side as an assistant was just a stepping stone

At worst, Yvette would return to Quimbey Corporation to inherit her family business.

Now that Lance did not put Yvette in a role suitable for her, Yvette going back to Quimbey Corporation would also be a problem.

How could Yvette be an assistant for a short while and then go back to become the President of Quimbey Corporation?

What would the people of Quimbey Corporation think of her?

Mrs. Quimbey would certainly not spare Yvette.

Nicole paused. “Why don’t I propose a project for you? Tell Lance that it’s specifically for you to handle.”

After all, promoting friends was not unheard of in the circle.

Yvette looked at Nicole. “Forget it. I know what to do. I’ll go back and let him know what I think!”

She put down the cup in her hand with certainty, looking righteous and formidable.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Okay, let me know if you need help.”

Yvette could not wait any longer. If she waited any longer, she might really go crazy.

Just now when Lance mentioned pregnancy, Yvette felt uncomfortable all over.

What made Yvette uncomfortable was not the pregnancy itself.

However, once she became pregnant, she would have to completely say goodbye to the workplace.

Yvette’s situation was different from Nicole’s as Yvette did not have that much autonomy in

company matters.

Both Mrs. Quimbey and Lance would not let Yvette come out to work if she was pregnant.

Yvette did not want her career to end before it even started.

Nicole chatted with Yvette for a while, then went outside to answer the phone. After that, she went to the bathroom.

Once the door was closed, it instantly became quiet.

Nicole refused to be guided by the attendant and walked over by herself.

When she passed by the room next door, the door was ajar, and a somewhat familiar back figure flashed by. However, Nicole only frowned slightly and walked away without staying a second longer.

Perhaps it was just someone she saw earlier.

As soon as Nicole walked by, the door suddenly closed from the inside.

Mitchell stood there respectfully and looked at the person sitting there with his back to him. That man looked so lonely as if he was about to blend into the darkness.

Mitchell vaguely felt a kind of indefinable complexity and sympathy for the man.

When did Eric Ferguson ever have to sneak around on his home ground?

The person who should have attended this party was Eric.

When Eric saw the names of the guests, he stared at the name “Nicole Stanton” for a long time. He suppressed countless impulses to come over and finally decided to give up and let Mitchell attend instead.

Eric would love to appear in front of Nicole even as an ordinary friend, just to give a nod of greeting.

He also wanted very much to watch Nicole being happy as a bystander.

However, he could not do it.

Eric could not forgive himself for what he had done in the past. He also did not want to see the disgust and indifference that would appear on Nicole’s face if she ever saw him again.

That would be like stabbing his heart.

Thus, Eric could only hide in the shadows like a silent ghost, spying on Nicole’s existence.

It was best if Nicole thought that Eric was staying abroad forever.

Perhaps this was the only way that she could be happier.

“Mr. Ferguson, you really don’t want to go over and say hello to everyone?”

Mitchell spoke from the back. During this period, countless people were inquiring about Eric’s whereabouts.

Eric seemed to have suddenly disappeared, and no one knew where he was.

Mitchell knew that Eric’s power extended far beyond Atlanta. Cyndro International, Ferguson Corporation’s overseas expansion, and even Eric’s various investments were all reasons for Eric to leave.

However, this was not the real reason.

Eric did not want to get close but wanted to stay away from Nicole.

Eric paused. His handsome face was immersed in the darkness, and his voice incomparably dull.

“No, you can go back. I’ll leave when it’s over.”

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