The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1761

Lee, who was cued by his colleagues, looked confused. He thought about what he had just seen in the office and shook his head, even more puzzled.

“I don’t know anything!”

There were a lot of discussions all around, and the conference room was noisy.

This impromptu meeting was too sudden and made everyone speculate what happened.

When Lance came in, everyone fell silent.

However, Lance was not the only one who came in. Yvette followed him inside.

Everyone felt even more puzzled.

Almost everyone in the room had attended their wedding and knew of Yvette’s identity.

There was nothing inappropriate for Yvette to attend this senior management meeting.

However, was this a signal that Yvette would officially be involved in Sheldon Corporation?

Before anyone could figure out what was going on, Lance sat down and spoke straightforwardly.

“Mr. Lawrence, has the money on the books been replenished?”

This question was like a boulder thrown into a calm body of water. Everyone was instantly


Mr. Lawrence, who was named, instantly changed his expression and trembled.

“Mr. Sheldon…..”

Someone next to him slapped the table. “What’s going on? What money?”

Since this matter was brought to light, it me ant that this damage affected the interests of the whole company, which was a common point of interest for the senior management.

Of course, it could not be brushed away so easily.

What’s more, many of those present were uncomfortable with Mr. Lawrence, who had been in the limelight recently.

“What money? What the hell happened?”

“Is the money on the books missing?”

Yvette just sat in the corner and watched quietly as the people panicked and looked shocked.

However, she was very happy.

After all, the more serious this matter was, the easier it would be for Yvette to rise to the top.

Yvette really admired Lance. If she had not suddenly proposed to be promoted, she wondered how

long this Mr. Lawrence would stay in position or what would happen?

However, was bringing this up so casually going a little too easy on Mr. Lawrence?

Mr. Lawrence’s face was already very glum with a very obvious panic.

“Mr Sheldon, I’ll definitely make up for that money as soon as possible! Please give me one more


He stood up almost immediately with a pleading face.

Lance’s face was calm and indifferent as he threw the document in his hand in the middle of the table. The document scattered everywhere, and everyone took it over to see.

Once they saw the contents of the document clearly, the crowd’s face looked even more shocked.

“You transferred out $200 million?! Mr. Lawrence, you sure have a big appetite, huh?”

“This happened half a month ago. You’re quite stealthy, huh? Is your next step to abscond with the money?”

“Mr. Sheldon, we absolutely can’t let this kind of person stay in the company! I think it’s better to call the police, recover the money, and send him to jail!”

“That’s right! I agree with that!”

Lance slowly looked at Mr. Lawrence, whose gaze looked defeated. Mr. Lawrence lay limp in his chair in despair.

Finally, Lance spoke in a light tone.

“The $200 million was transferred to your account. Less than a minute later, it was sent to an underground casino. I’ve investigated the transfer records clearly. What else do you have to say for yourself?”

It was not because of other hardships, but it was to pay off gambling debts.

How disgusting!

If he wanted to gamble, he could sell his house and stocks. Why did he have to misappropriate the company’s money?

He was very ballsy!

Although no one cursed out loud, their disdainful eyes and faces have fully illustrated the hatred they had for Mr. Lawrence.

They just wanted to step on Lawrence to relieve their anger.

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