The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1769

The two people at the center of the gossip were now alone in the same office. Although they were a married couple, those rumors were still taken as a laughing matter.

Gossip attracted the most attention after all.

Lance was not satisfied with Yvette’s answer and intended to call someone to investigate this.

Before Lance dialed the number, Yvette bluntly told him.

“You don’t need to ask. Once you ask, people will only think that you’re guilty!”

“What do you mean by that?”

Yvette raised her eyebrows, turned her chair very leisurely, and smiled.

“Because your assistant saw us hugging in your office earlier, he thought that we just did some strenuous exercise… Now, this gossip is all over the office!”

Lance’s face went from amazement to shock, and finally, it became stiff.

It all happened in a few short seconds.

Yvette was amused. She should have told him earlier because his reaction was too funny.

She thought about what she was just worried about and thought that it was nothing.

The person who should really be worried was him!

Lance’s face sank. It was extremely glum.

“Did Lee spread this rumor?! He doesn’t have to come to work again!”

He had never seen such a stupid assistant. Not only was he untactful, but he also caused trouble for the boss.

Lance could not stand it anymore.

Yvette propped up her chin on her hands and laughed. “Forget it. They’re just joking. Besides, we’re married. It’s not like we’re a secret couple. They can just spread the word if they want!”

Lance looked at Yvette with a complex expression. He clenched his teeth and did not speak.

However, it was clear that he was not appeased.

How could he not be angry when there were such rumors about him and Yvette?

His subordinates were becoming more unruly.

After some thought, Lance pushed the door open and walked out. The sound of the door slamming shut was deafening.

Yvette hummed a tune softly. She did not have to worry about the rest.

Anyway, with Lance around, she just needed to do her own thing.

After Fiona finished the card game with the ladies, she dragged Mrs. Quimbey over to visit Lance and Yvette at the office.

Mrs. Quimbey was reluctant to go. After all, that was her son-in-law’s company. If she went too frequently, it would perhaps make things difficult for Yvette.

She had always drawn a clear line between business and personal affairs very clearly, especially after Lance and Yvette got married.

Fiona was dead set on dragging Mrs. Quimbey over to visit them. That was because if Fiona went alone, Lance would have criticized her for watching them too closely.

If Lance’s mother-in-law went, Lance would not dare to say anything.

The two women did not know each other’s thoughts. In the end, Mrs. Quimbey could not resist Fiona’s enthusiasm and went together.

When Mrs. Quimbey arrived at the lobby, she wanted to give Yvette a call so that she could be prepared.

Fiona hastily stopped her best friend.

“This is a surprise visit! We want to know how they’re actually getting along now. If they know that we’re coming, they’ll get the opportunity to act, and that wouldn’t be the real deal. Don’t you want to see what your daughter’s real life is like now?”

Mrs. Quimbey was moved by these words and followed Fiona helplessly.

The receptionist naturally recognized Fiona at a glance. It was Mr. Sheldon’s mother.

“Madam Sheldon, I’ll inform Mr. Sheldon now…”

Fiona smiled and stopped her. “No need. We’ll just go up ourselves.”

The receptionist did not dare to stop her and watched as the two graceful and elegant women walked side by side into the elevator.

Although the receptionist did not know the identity of the woman beside Fiona, at a glance, that woman had a powerful vibe. Her skin was extremely well-maintained, and upon closer look, she did not look quite the same as ordinary rich housewives.

What was different then?

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