The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1771

Mrs. Quimbey smiled and said, “You’re so busy. Your mother and I were just casually strolling around.”

Fiona looked at her son with a bit of coldness in her gaze. How could she not notice that her son was trying to please his mother-in-law?

She raised this son for nothing!

Lance took them to his office,

Before he could say anything, he watched as his mother wandered around his office, looking left and right. Fiona even went to the lounge and bathroom to check carefully as if she was looking for something.

Yvette’s mother just had an embarrassed look on her face.

Lance was helpless and asked, “Mom, what are you looking for?”

Fiona asked, “Where’s Yvette? Why are you not together?”

Lance rubbed his temples. “She has her own office now, so of course, she won’t be in my wardrobe…”

He gritted his teeth a little and looked at Fiona. She even checked under the wardrobe and everywhere that could hide someone.

Was she looking for Yvette or a mistress?

This was too humiliating, especially in front of Yvette’s mother.

Fiona flipped her hair back and calmly walked over to take a seat.

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Lance was speechless.

Mrs. Quimbey smiled and asked, “hat girl didn’t give you any trouble, did she?”

Lance sent a message to Yvette to tell her that their mothers were here while he answered Mrs. Quimbey’s question.

“Of course not! Yvette has a strong foundation and works very well. She’s also a quick learner. That’s all because you taught her well in the first place.”

While praising Yvette, Lance did not forget to flatter his mother-in-law.

Mrs. Quimbey was very satisfied with his words. Who wouldn’t like to hear praises about their daughter?

Although Mrs. Quimbey knew that those words were probably exaggerated, she was happy to see that Lance was defending Yvette, which meant that the relationship between the two of them was very stable.

Mrs. Quimbey laughed. “I know what she’s capable of. But you guys are really reckless. I just heard them say that Yvette was the new vice president. How could she be the vice president?»

The door opened just as Mrs. Quimbey finished her sentence.

Yvette ran in excitedly. “Why can’t I be the vice president?!”

Although she said that, she still ran behind her mother and hugged her tightly from behind.

“Mommy! I miss you so much! You’re lucky that I have time now. Next time, you’ll have to make an appointment when you want to see me!”

Mrs. Quimbey laughed helplessly. “Great! I don’t want to see you anyway.”

Yvette grunted pretentiously and went over to lie on Fiona’s back. She complained like a kid.

“Did you hear what my mom just said? She said she doesn’t want to see me, but she probably secretly cried by herself several times already!”

Fiona found that Yvette was really cute. She promised to be a good mother-in-law when they got married.

The standard of a good mother-in-law was to maintain proper boundaries and not to meddle i n the children’s affairs.

However, Fiona did not expect that Yvette did not have any sense of boundaries toward her at all. Yvette would hug her and act pampered whenever she wanted without a bit of detachment.

Fiona was flattered by this.

She felt like Yvette was just like her daughter.

Fiona put her arm around Yvette’s shoulder. “Yeah, your mom’s just stubborn. Don’t you know by now?”

Mrs. Quimbey rolled her eyes at them and laughed lightly.

“Don’t even flatter yourself. I’m so busy, so how would I still have time to think about you?”

Lance always knew that Yvette was very lovable, so after seeing her and Fiona looking more like mother-daughter when they were together, he was already used to it.

He smiled before answering Mrs. Quimbey’s question with a straight face.

“There’s a reason why Yvette was chosen to be the vice president. Firstly, I need a person I can trust in this position. Secondly, her ability is most suitable for this position. Whether it’s for the company or her personal development, it’s a win-win situation. It’s not a random

decision. Besides, a board meeting has been held, and this decision was unanimously agreed upon.”

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