The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1810

Daddy Ian showed no mercy and embarrassed that girl. When Ian went closer, he saw Clayton. “You’re here too?” Clayton shrugged his shoulders and looked like he had bad luck. That girl’s eyes flickered.

“Second Young Master, you know each other? Why don’t you introduce me to your friend?” Ian looked at the girl contemptuously. He finally understood that girl’s motive for approaching him. o Ian was repulsed by such a purpose.

Initially, he thought that she looked decent and brought her over for fun. Since that girl was so untactful, Ian did not mind kicking her to the curb. “Introduce you? Are you trying to sell your body?” The girl’s face turned white. Her delicate smile froze, and she could barely hold it together. Clayton’s expression turned cold. “You guys can talk. I’ll leave first.” o poo Ian made way for Clayton.

“Take care…” Clayton nodded, then indifferently lifted his feet and left. That girl reluctantly looked at Clayton’s back and bit her lower lip tightly. Ian laughed. “You’d better not have any ideas. You can’t afford to offend that man’s wife.

It looks like you’re deliberately staying in the men’s bathroom to fish for a sugar daddy, huh? Then sorry for disturbing you. I guess you already know where the exit is…

After saying that, Ian withdrew his gaze in disgust, turned around, and left. Nicole was so immersed in eavesdropping that she did not pay attention to where she was, which was the corner where Clayton would pass by.

When Clayton’s tall figure stood in front of Nicole, she suddenly looked up and blinked. She smiled and waved at him. “You’re here?” Clayton wrinkled his eyebrows slightly. When he saw that she was standing by the open window catching the breeze, he walked over and closed the window. “Why are you standing here?” Nicole paused. Her gaze flickered slightly.

“I heard that you were talking to someone, so I didn’t want to bother you and waited for you here…” Nicole lied a little. It was much better than admitting that she was eavesdropping.

Clayton went up to Nicole, tightened her coat, and smiled warmly. “You’re just in time. Shall we head home then? You didn’t see the messages I sent you, right? Were you too busy playing?” och His tone had a hint of anger and fondness.

Nicole felt a little guilty for ignoring his so messages. The direction of the exit was the opposite direction from the private room. That girl was still standing there when they passed by the place. Ian insulted that girl, who felt embarrassed.

However, she was unrelenting and wanted to wait for the next man to use the bathroom. As a result, when she raised her eyes, she saw that Clayton had returned.

However, there was another woman next to Clayton. It was the most intimidating woman in the private room just now. That girl had an extremely strong determination as she told herself not to lose her temper. She looked at Clayton, and then at Nicole.

That girl felt some resentment in her heart. Nicole knew that the girl was unaware that she had eavesdropped, so Nicole smiled politely at her.

“You’re still here?” That girl’s expression changed slightly. She glanced at Clayton guiltily. “Yeah…” The jealousy she felt earlier in the private room turned into fear at this moment. It was no wonder that this man was not interested in her.

The woman beside this man had a great figure. She was charming and bold, the kind of breathtaking beauty that could capture men’s hearts at a glance. She was just too stunning No matter who was standing with this woman, they would feel ashamed of themselves.

The delicate girl bit her lower lip and suddenly followed two steps behind the couple. “I’m lost. Can you walk me out?” Nicole wanted to laugh out loud. Surprisingly, that girl still refused to give up. That girl must be so thick-skinned.

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