The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1813

Floyd stayed in the study for several days. Finally, he came up with a name that he was very satisfied with – Sue Sloan. When Nicole heard it, she was stunned.“ Sue? Dad, do you want my baby to get involved in endless lawsuits after she’s born?” The corners of Clayton’s mouth twitched, but he held back from saying anything.

Kai could not hold back and sprayed a mouthful of water. ma “Dad, I know you’re into alliteration, but do you want the baby to be ridiculed in school?” Floyd was so angry that he went back to his study After thinking about the baby’s name for several days, they still did not come to a final decision. However, Nicole de date came only. However, Nicole’s due date came early.

Nicole was looking at the new proposal when she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. Something did not feel right. She hurriedly called someone. They had long prepared for all these.

Clayton was quite calm. He called the hospital to prepare the room in advance, then informed Floyd, Kai, and the rest. Clayton got into the car and comforted Nicole, telling her not to be afraid.

Nicole was originally quite scared, but she could feel Clayton’s sweaty palms that were trembling slightly when he held her hand. He seemed even more nervous and scared than herself. Nicole took a side glance at Clayton’s face which was very pale.

At that moment, she felt relieved. With someone sharing the nervousness with her, Nicole inexplicably did not feels o scared anymore. Once she arrived at the hospital, bursts of pain coursed through her stomach.

At the peak of the pain, Nicole was in a trance when she felt the doctor and nurse standing right next to her giving her an injection. Nicole vaguely heard something about her blood type causing complications or something along those lines.

Then, Nicole fell into a coma. It was a deep slumber. A few days passed Everyone knew that Nicole had given birth to a baby girl. Yvette, Julie, and Ian came several times a day. However, the hospital was still shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere.

Nicole did not wake up due to excessive blood loss during childbirth. Her blood type was very rare. Although the hospital had prepared enough spare blood in advance, Nicole was still anemic due to the constant blood donation previously There were a variety of factors that caused her complications. The doctors made every effort to rescue Nicole, and for the time being, her life was not in danger.

However, Nicole fell into a coma. Floyd carried his baby granddaughter happily. She was simply a replica of Nicole as a child. His baby granddaughter was in good health. She could cry and scream and was just as naughty as Kai.

However, when Floyd thought of Nicole, who was still lying in the ward, he sighed. Kai took one look at the baby girl and went out with his jacket. At the entrance of the ward. Kai saw Clayton sitting there, looking at the door in silence.

It was deadly silent. He walked over and took a look inside. A week had passed, but nothing had changed. Nicole did not get better. Kai said, “My dad wants to take the baby back to take care of her, but he’s worried that you’ll be upset.

Everything is ready at home. Do you…” Clayton paused. His voice was hoarse as he said, “Mm… Take her back. Nicole was planning to go home too…” Kai was silent. оооо So After a moment, Kai said, “The doctor said it’s good that Nicole’s situation didn’t worsen.

Her body indicators are slowly recovering, so don’t torment yourself. You haven’t slept in a few days, so go back and take a rest. We’ll stay here and keep watch over her…

” Clayton’s throat moved slightly. His eyes were bloodshot. “I can’t sleep. I’m afraid that if I leave and she wakes up, she’ll be upset if she can’t see me….” Kai did not know what to say for a moment. He simply sat next to Clayton and pursed his lips.

“You haven’t seen what your daughter looks like yet. Why don’t you go and take a look?” Clayton was silent and shook his head.“ We’ll see her together when Nicole wakes up.” His voice was very low. It was obvious that Clayton was devastated by these few days of torment.

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